The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, January 05, 2009

Another wonderful excursion...

Well, as you can imagine... with me already battling SDS (Supercell Deprivation Syndrome), a large dose of cabin fever on top of that was not well received... or liked, so this weekend, once I was finally able to sit somewhat-upright for extended periods, my wonderful gtb was kind enough to take me on a couple of our much loved excursions...

On Saturday, we just drove around to see what kind of "new" places we could stumble upon in the NEW Year, and lookie what we found... lol.

Nothing like starting off a NEW Year on a NEW Rd. We also came across a few other neat things...It's not every day that you see a bunch of turkeys. I would have gotten out of the vehicle to get a better shot, but there was no gate and gtb's gobbles taunting the turkeys had gotten this one a little riled up.

On Sunday, we went a different way, I checked the forecast, the radar and the sky and it looked like we were facing a mighty nice sunset, so I gathered my gear, and we voyaged out to that lovely lake that Rick (please disregard his most recent unconfirmed post about the dewvoid that I just happened to stumble upon... lol, good one, Rick) once told me about... Boy, was that dead on! AWESOME SUNSET, but I'll let the pictures tell the tale, as the sunset was just the finale of our awesome journey yesterday.This was such a neat little primitive bridge... in the middle of nowhere.

God with Us
Who are we that you would be mindful of us?
What do you see that’s worth looking our way?
We are free in ways that we never should be.
Sweet release from the grip of these chains.
Like hinges straining from the weight,
My heart no longer can keep from singing.

All that is within me cries
For you alone be glorified
God with us
My heart sings a brand new song
The debt is paid these chains are gone
God with us

Lord you know our hearts don’t deserve your glory.
Still you show, a love we cannot afford.
Like hinges straining from the weight,
My heart no longer can keep from singing


Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary
Nevertheless we lay it at your feet (repeat)


Written by MercyMe
That said, there is a little something showing up in the models for late Tuesday/early Wednesday that the Georgia membership of the Southern Weather Brigade is getting all hyped about. Cloudman23 was kind enough to share a nice loop with me. At this time, we are dealing with temperatures in the high 70's... the azaleas and peach trees are starting to bloom... not a good thing. This is some crazy weather.

Have a lovely day,


  1. I've noticed it's been warm down by you. Seems that it would be a bit early for a peach tree to bloom, right? Sorta susceptible to a freeze being it so early in the Winter? Regardless, AWESOME sunset photos. We actually had a pretty sweet sunset this evening... clear skies as the it set making the sky in horizon a nice shade of solid orange. No photo unfortunately. Hope the storms roll through for you SDS. :)

  2. The lake never ceases to ease my mind when I am stressed..Glad you and GTB had a great time. I see you found my bridge too! ;-) I need to compliment you on your shots. Awesome composition Dew!

  3. Dew: Your reflections were absolutely georgeous.


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