The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy searches

I haven't done a list in a while... of some of the crazy searches that people have used and found my blog. Of course, recent searches have been full of Valdosta flood and Woodstock tornado... but before all that, I had some doozies... here goes:

Searches that result in complete Dew-ness!
  1. Do storm trackers die very often No, it doesn't happen often. Storm chasers learn about weather and know what is happening around them. Most are trained SKYWARN® spotters, who are watching the weather with a dual purpose... 1. because they are passionate about it. 2. to aid the Weather Service, emergency management and news media is protecting life and property. Good storm chasing results in storm viewing from a safe distance.

  2. SNOW in south Georgia Where?! When?!

  3. will it ever snow in south Georgia Gosh, I hope not!!

  4. Georgia snowball definition "A snowball is a spherical object made from frozen water or snow, usually created by scooping snow with the hands, and compacting it into a roughly fist-sized ball." As far as I know, that definition doesn't vary by state.

  5. tornadoe pictures from Arkanasa And they think taking spelling out of the curriculum in Georgia schools is a good idea?!

  6. serious tornadoes As opposed to????

  7. storm chasing rocket Hmmm...

  8. south Georgia storm chaser That's me!

  9. "storm chaser" God Spirit What?!

  10. What do storm chasers do on long car journeys Well, I guess eat, watch radar, chat with friends... eat, watch radar, chat with friends...

  11. what motivates a storm chaser I think each has their own motivation, but I am driven by my passion for weather. Many of my encounters with nature's fury and other things in the sky have left me feeling a broader spiritual fulfillment. It generally brings me an incredible feeling of peace to encounter nature in any way.

  12. storm chasers are jerks who says?! Some people are jerks, and some people are storm chasers, and some people who happen to be storm chasers are jerks, but that is not the norm. I have met some very great people who happen to be non-jerk storm chasers.

  13. shelf cloud with face ... yeah...

  14. what's the probability of a torn I go to this site and hover over the tornado tab, and the probabilities for tornadoes according to the Storm Prediction Center is reflected graphically on the map. Incidentally, there is a 10% chance of tornadoes in Texas today...
  15. what do I need when severe weather strikes Keep your weather radio turned on... listen for specific instructions. Generally, stay indoors, preferably lowest floor or basement, or an interior room without windows.

  16. SDS therapy Supercell Deprivation Syndrome... check out this link

  17. Dewdrops blog

  18. sun halo mountain dog a lot of things going on in this search... mountain dog???

  19. what happened to the weather channel You know... I wondered the same, with Jim Cantore in the mornings and now Stephanie Abrams moving to mornings... things are just strange.

  20. what is weather like today in Georgia What a great lead in...
We can expect more of the same, while rain and severe weather pound the plains, day after day, our ridge of high pressure has firmly planted itself over us, leaving very warm, dry and yes, BORING WEATHER here in the southeast. I'm relieved for the Valdosta flood victims who are currently jumping through FEMA red-tape hoops, trying to get much needed aid to help them recover and rebuild after EVERYTHING they had, has been lost... walls ripped out, floors ripped out, fortunately, the studs have had time to dry out and be chemically treated against mold and mildew growth, which also has to dry. My continued prayers go out to them...

Speaking of the flood, during all that, I was in contact with a local who stumbled onto my blog trying to find information about my wonderful groom's parents' neighborhood, where one of her co-workers lives... but was out of town for the flood. Well, she and I shared correspondence during all that, and I ran into her this weekend! Small world... in fact, she and their neighbor were both out at this community church event out at the park, which my wonderful groom and I attended, and the neighbor thanked me and said that my pictures were very helpful for insurance purposes. How awesome!

Have a beautiful day, rising above the mucky muck,


  1. LOL Gotta love some of those search strings! It definitely looks like the plains are finally getting fired up for some good chasing during May. I know that I will get at least one more chance to chase, since a friend of my wife and I wants badly to go chasing with me and is willing to fund the entire outing. How can I refuse? ;)

    Also, I posted my video from Sunday on the blog, and I also did a short write-up about what I feel is the perfect storm chasing lens. Please "dew" check it out! :D

  2. The photo of skyflames is incredibly beautful, and I adore your blog. I enjoyed every word this morning!

  3. Was so glad to meet you face to face! That was so neat! I'll be in touch both here and in the mail.

  4. Ken, they always crack me up. I can't get over what some people are looking for... You can't pass up the all expense paid! Make it count. Could they bring me over??? Tell me you caught something yesterday... Great video and post!

    Beth, wow! Thanks! It was my favorite, a mammatus sky! It was an amazing sunrise, the best ever, and it is one of the mornings I referenced in the comment on your blog.

    Jen, Awesome! Let's stay in touch!

  5. Very amusing Dew... the picture you have on show is a beauty.. the clouds awesome and that colour is certainly one I'd love to capture.

  6. It was an amazing show. Actually moved me to tears... very powerful!

  7. Great photo of the "mamma" formation below the storm clouds:)

  8. This made me lol. I can relate totally to this. I get the weirdest searches. You have given me a great idea for a post sometime and I'll have to link back to you. The image is just staggering.


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