The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More SKYWARN® Spotter training

Yesterday, I did something very exciting. I participated in the first National Weather Service - Tallahassee online spotter training session. Yes, I realize that I have been through online training, and I have sat through 6 or 7 live spotter training classes. I have covered both beginner and advanced level training, inside and out. I have traveled near and far, chasing an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge. This was a live webinar though. I didn't have to go anywhere. Please click on the link above to see about becoming a SKYWARN® Spotter. I strongly encourage it, even if you're not as coo-coo for weather as I am. As Mini-Dew has told me time and time again, I'm "a nerd". I know that. I accept that. I could probably teach the spotter classes at this point, but I love sitting through the classes. I have earned yet another certificate of training as a SKYWARN® Spotter, this time in my new name, by taking a test at this link. Fortunately, I knew better than to say that the most common storm type in our area is the Common Southeastern Frog-strangler... though they do occur... LOL!! Laugh as you may, I always walk away from those training sessions with new information, and this one was no different. I learned more about RFD (rear flank downdraft) and the implications of possible tornadic activity, and I had only a limited knowledge of those before. I learned about the implications of pileus clouds, which I actually could have figured out, but hadn't thought about it.Pileus clouds are the fibrous lid over cumulus congestus clouds caused by heavy upper level shear. I don't have any great pics of pileus clouds, but I hope to soon. This is more of a dissipating storm.

I found the wind rating chart to be an effective resource tool, and it was especially jazzed up with the capture by my friend, Mike Umscheid. Then there was the other pic shared that was taken by one of my other friends to the wall cloud section. I'm not sure which Steve Miller captured this shot, but it was cool to see it taken by one of my friends. I really need to start being more assertive in submitting my own pics to the NWS for possible inclusion in their training slideshow. They say they want my stuff. I should start sending my stuff in, huh? Then, I could get all excited when I see my stuff...

Have a spotterific day!


  1. Hi Dewdrop!

    I found your blog while googling storm chasers. I'm a student at Penn State Harrisburg and I'm doing a research paper on storm chasers. I would love to be able to ask you a few questions about it via e-mail, if you wouldn't mind. I couldn't find a link to contact you on your site, unless I'm missing it. You can email me at Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi Dewdrop... I laughed at your sound of music comment on my post... the only sound was me wheezing.. ha!..
    Anothergreat post and very interesting reading... and the skies below this post caught my eye as well.


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