The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beaufort, SC-- Day 2 of the great anniversary adventure!

Gorgeous iris.After we had done all that we wanted to do on Hilton Head Island, we headed up the road to the charming little city of Beaufort, SC, where I just learned a dear friend of mine will be moving over the summer (so exciting!) We really enjoyed our visit to Beaufort. It started out late. We got into town in time for a late dinner. We couldn't decide between the trendy Tapas Restaurant or the more eclectic Bistro, so we opted for the Bistro and turned it into a Tapas type experience. We ordered several of the appetizers and side dishes and turned that into a meal that we shared. It was WONDERFUL! We ate at Plums on Bay Street. Our waitress seemed to get a kick out of our let's try it all spirit. The food was excellent. Then, after being full already... she offered dessert. Coconut layer cake. Oh my gosh! Heaven in our mouths!! The desserts are made for them by a local baker, Susan Zara of SuZara's Kitchen, so guess what we had for breakfast, boy did we ever!!! We wanted to buy a cake to take with us. They make these little 4" ones... so perfect, but we decided against it. I wonder if they ship??? Breakfast was only after a crazy morning of learning about Beaufort's staple, Parris Island. Staying over on a Thursday night is kind of asking for it. You see, Parris Island graduates a group of brave Marines every Friday, and apparently, the graduation starts well before the butt-crack of dawn. Our neighbors were up and getting ready to leave the hotel at 5 something. EEK! Then, the housekeeping service is so used to people being gone early, they don't really listen for responses when they announce themselves, so we were intruded on while sleeping in... oops. We ate our delicious baked goods in the quaint downtown area and explored some there.The visitors center...The Visitors Center was an old fort.very... welcomingThey really make you feel welcome there... with the cannons and all. Really, the ladies inside were very accommodating, offering great sight-seeing advice and pleasantries.Art in an alley.All the shops lining Bay Street are quite charming, lots of eating establishments and art galleries and shops/boutiques.The lovely Bay viewThe area facing the Bay is wonderful, with it's swings and beautifully kept landscaping.Coolest bridge ever!!... and it faces this really fantastic pivoting bridge. Coolness. You must stop by the Chocolate Tree, while you're in town. Their chocolate will make your mouth water. AMAZING!

We left Beaufort and headed over the really cool bridge to go to Hunting Island State Park. On the way, we passed of all things... Tornado Alley, located on St. Helena Island, headed out to Hunting Island State Park in SC... who knew? Hunting Island State Park is where the island's lighthouse resides, well after being rebuilt 3 times. Apparently, the confederate troops destroyed it back during the Civil War, then, the beach erosion was so bad they actually disassembled it and rebuild it further inland. It's a truly beautiful lighthouse, with the trees framing the lighthouse from the beach. We parked a little ways down and walked up the beach until it came into view. Strolling along the beach on Hunting IslandMy romantic wonderful groom... Me and my wonderful groomWe left the park and noticed a beautiful deer on the side of the road. Poor thing... one of the last shots of this beautiful deer. I shot some pictures until and oncoming car came along and spooked it. It was really horrible. I was so sad. Never seen anything like it before, and I hope to never have to. We drove up a little ways to the Shrimp Shack, a local seafood shack.YUMMY. Shrimp burgers and shrimp saladThey had some great and interesting choices. I wouldn't recommend the sweet potato stix, but the shrimp salad was delish.

Anyways, that was our experience there. I'll cover the last leg another day.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Hey girl! There's a little thing called a Do Not Disturb sign!! :) This sounds like a lot of fun. Sad about the deer...:(

  2. Gorgeous photos, Dew! :)

    And thanks for adding me to your blog list! Maybe that will inspire me to post more frequently!

    Hope your weekend was great!

    Other Jennifer from Georgia!


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