The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is that Instability I read in the AFD?

Every cloud has a silver lining... see? Well, it appears to me that the BlogBurst thing is legit. I had a few conversations with an editor there, and I have now added my blog to the BlogBurst Network, which means that publishers can pick up my blog and share it with dedicated audiences. Pretty cool... huh? Not that you guys aren't great enough fans, but the concept is exceptionally cool.

Let's check and see what the guys at the NWS have to say, shall we?
THURSDAY...A RETURN TO ACTIVE WEATHER. NUMEROUS SHOWERS AND ISOLATED THUNDERSTORMS WILL ACCOMPANY THIS SYSTEM. AT THIS TIME IT APPEARS THAT THE AIRMASS WILL NOT BE UNSTABLE ENOUGH TO SUPPORT WIDESPREAD SEVERE STORMS. HOWEVER...SOME SEVERE STORMS WILL BE POSSIBLE OVER THE NORTHEAST GULF COASTAL WATERS... AT THIS TIME INSTABILITY IS A BIG QUESTION AS MAX SFC BASED CAPES ARE LESS THAN 300 J (very low CAPE) MAY NOT BE SUFFICIENT TO SUPPORT WIDESPREAD THUNDERSTORMS. HOWEVER...THE 0-6 KM VERTICAL WIND SHEAR WILL BE VERY IMPRESSIVE (AROUND 75 KT)... Bottom line folks, we may have ourselves something going on... It's about time. I haven't heard the "S" word (severe) in a while. I know it's not looking like that's a reality, but at least they are mentioning the word. Some severity is better than no severity at all... right? Boy, am I twisted? Sorry, it's been a long time, and I am suffering from big spells of SDS, and something needs to wash away all this ridiclous pollen. My head feels like an elephant is walking across it, the sinus pressure is unbelievable. It's hard to grasp the whole pollen in freezing temps thing. The trees are confused, can't say I blame them. What gives? By the weekend, another cold front will be making it's way down to us... and they are actually saying, well I'll let them say it IF THE AIRMASS BEHIND THIS FRONT WERE EXCEPTIONALLY COLD THIS WOULD BE A GREAT SETUP FOR A SNOW EVENT FOR OUR AREA. SO FAR THE AIRMASS IS FORECAST TO BE ONLY MARGINALLY COLD. STILL...PARTIAL THICKNESSES DO INDICATE SOME POTENTIAL FOR NON-LIQUID PRECIPITATION IN OUR NORTHERN ZONES SUNDAY. Now, that's the bad "S" word, snow. They do admit that GFS runs colder this far out, so I am sure it's not going to happen. Not interested in the whole snow thing. Really. Great to photograph on a visit, but wouldn't want to live in it.

I would like to order some warm weather for this evening. I have two outdoor events tonight, and I am dreading the cold. I don't even own a real winter coat. I have a blanket, and I'll probably stop for some Chai Tea Latte (the drink of champions... well, the drink of sophisticated storm chasers anyway...) just to be able to stand it. I don't think I placed my order soon enough, though. Brrr...

Speaking of cold, last night poor hubby spent hours changing calipers on his breaks in the freezing cold. It's interesting, he started at about 8:30, saying he had an hour left, but at 11:30, I was out there helping him bleed the brakes... He has a warped sense of time. He ended up coming in about an hour after that. Crazy.


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