The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cold and mornings... not my favorite things...

OK, OK, here I am... What a day! I didn't get the chance to head out to the military recreation facility to shoot the sunset that I wanted to, and that stinks because the contrast of the blue against the newly sprouting spring (yes, I said the "s" word that based on today's weather makes me wonder if it will ever be a reality...) green colors. I hope that nobody minds that I missed the award ceremony. I was just too tired and hungry to even consider such things. This morning was a rough start for me, after having been up relatively late seeking out items to offer up in the charity yard sale... alarm clocks (yes, plural -- I'm not really a morning person, so I need a little extra help in the AM) didn't go off as I had scheduled them (my trigger alarm -- you know, the loud blaring one-- has an attitude and sometimes produces no sound); however, somehow miraculously, I woke up with a reasonable amount of time to get up, get showered and get over to the sale with Mini-Dew in tow because hubby just wasn't up to it... I even remembered my gloves, which was a good thing because good golly Miss Molly... IT WAS COLD!!! Wasn't horribly cold necessarily, but the wind certainly made it miserable for us and apparently scared off most of the yard salers. Somehow, we managed to schedule this thing for the coldest Saturday in March... After setting up in the dark, in a yard with many dips... I sat there in my t-shirt, sweatshirt, leather coat, blanket and gloves shivering (seriously in South Georgia -- oh, the humanity!!!). My lips are wind chapped and my nose was running the whole time. I haven't counted the money yet, but I'm not thinking we were hugely successful, based on low customer rate. After that, we loaded all the leftovers up and carried them over to the Goodwill store... then, I hit the local china buffet for some much needed and much deserved crab ragoons. That's the part where I missed the awards ceremony. Now, I am home and planted in front of my computer blogging because I deserve it, plus it gives me a good vantage point for watching the Mini-Dew on the trampoline. On the plus side, even though I did not get to shoot some really awesome shots today over the lake, yesterday, I did capture a couple of shots that I can share, since no one has ever seen CU before, right...? Just play along, I'm sleep deprived. I was actually happy to see some mini-towers, even if nothing was occurring.

Now, I'm just sitting here waiting on my dear friend from San Antonio.... FL to come over since she is visiting her family in the quaint little town of Barney, which isn't too far from here. Quaint little town with a great western view, might I add. She actually went to a nearby craft show today, but the stinking yard sale kept me from being able to go... sigh. I love that show because there is a bread vendor that usually attends it that makes the most incredibly scrumptious bread. Trust me folks, it is GOOOOOD.

Since I am sitting here waiting, I will check the weather. Quick glance at the sky reveals crisp blue skies, with not a single cloud. Storm chaser's purgatory... Soon, SDS will come to an end, right? sigh. We are looking to try to approach freezing temps for tomorrow morning... that is one goal that I would not like for the temps to reach, and fortunately, it should be close but no cigar for most of our CWA. Not into the whole cold thing, as you all well know. Fortunately, they are looking at the warming trend to begin on Monday... whew. Sadly, it doesn't look like any rain is in store for us... the one system that would even possibly offer something is trending to the northeast, so we seriously have nothing in the forecast... We were definitely wrongfully teased by that early season doozer we had. Here is the outlook from the guys:
IN ADDITION TO THE RAIN FREE FORECAST...IF THE PATTERN ADVERTISED BY THE CURRENT GFS AND MORE SO ECMWF IS ABLE TO EVOLVE...ABOVE AVERAGE TEMPERATURES INTO THE 80S ARE POSSIBLE FOR LATE IN THE WEEK. Sadly, that's all I've got, and it's looking like more boring posts in store. I'll try to come up with something interesting to write about... so you won't be bored to tears reading my blog... k?

Happy Saturday!

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