The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just a little bit closer...

Well, today I achieved one of my "Must-do-before-I-Die" goals, which means, of course that I am just that much closer to death... unfortunately, many of my other "Must-do-before-I-Die" goals (Plains chase, chasing a hurricane, meeting Jim Cantore (lol), Sky diving, getting my (ehem non-existent) passport stamped...) could actually result in my demise, so I am really on a scary track, I suppose. Today, I saw a show on Broadway ("Must-do-before-I-Die" goal); "Chicago" was awesome!!! I could have done without the lady from "Cheers" playing Roxie, and it would have been better if Huey Lewis was playing Billy Flynn, since Huey Lewis and the News are my favorite all-time band, but all-in-all, tremendous talent, great performance, and again, took an item off my "Must-do-before-I-Die" list. Other than that, we had a terrific time experiencing the theatre district in Manhattan, got to experience the bus system in Newark, which helped us to quickly decide to take the train back... We arrived at Times Square at about 1:00, and promptly ate at a fair pizzaria on 42nd Street. After eating some stale pizza, we headed to the wax museum there on 42nd. It was really pretty cool. We took some creative pics there. I loved the 9/11 one above, so I decided to feature it. It was pretty awesome. People were taking turns posing with it, but I thought it deserved a spotlight by itself. Time Square was a hustle and bustle hub, people everywhere as you can see. You get to the point, where you feel like cattle, waiting on the walk signal at each intersection... Time Square was a whole lot more active than Grand Central Station, which was large and impressive. We hit the extra large Toys R Us (with a full sized ferris wheel inside) and visited the amazing St. Patrick's Cathedral, truly a phenomenal church for it's stained glass, beautiful architecture and huge pipe organ. We ate dinner at a little cafe, and came out of there to rain... so we went to get some umbrellas. Prior to that, the weather was beautiful most of the day, clouds started rolling in late in the afternoon, which aided in a prompt temperature drop. There was the light rain in the evening, and then it was clear when we left the play, so we hit the M&M store, the Hershey's store and Grand Central Station. Then, we found our way back... Now, I am sitting here blogging... Tomorrow, we hit the Financial District in Manhattan, visting the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Ellis Island and whatever else strikes our fancy.

I decided to check the local AFD, see how the guys here do it...
SURFACE HIGH PRESSURE MOVES SLOWLY EAST ACROSS NEW ENGLAND THROUGH THE DAY SUNDAY. TEMPS: SEASONAL TEMPERATURES ANTICIPATED. COULD BE SLIGHTLY COOLER THAN NORMAL SUNDAY AS TROUGH SLOWLY MOVES EAST AND THE NORTHEAST REMAINS IN THE COOLER AIR AS SEEN WITH H8 HPA TEMPS AND LAYERED THICKNESSES. LATE MARCH SUNSHINE BY AFTERNOON WILL HELP BOOST TEMPS THOUGH CLOSE TO NORMAL LEVELS. I like ours better... NWS TAE's AFDs have more personality and life... sorry Upton, NY NWS guys... just not impressed. There you have it though.. High 51, low 39, mostly clear skies, so the sun should help... Should be a good day for being a typical tourist. Coolness. Well, I'm beat. Time to give up the computer to hubby.

So, toodles,

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