The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, April 27, 2007

My rain gauge runneth empty...

My dewdrop picture... You have to click on it to see the dewdrop dangling from the branch... (now we only dream of that much moisture... lol) Anyways, much to my dismay, this morning, I awakened, let the doggone dog outside, and eagerly ran outside to see how much rain fell overnight... was sadly greeted by a dusty and dry rain gauge... not so much as a drop! How is that possible?! Seriously, how could it be possible that the mass of convection moved toward me and, then, completely dissolved just outside my area. Seriously, I watched it on radar. I have decided that it is definitely the "Dewdrop-off-the-radar Curse", similar to the "Rick Curse" and the "Stevoid" in most characteristics, except, in this case, it follows ME around... doesn't bode well for my chase plans in June. I sure hope I don't kill that weather. What an incredible bummer that would be.

Good news is that we did get a light shower this morning (perhaps a little over a millionth of an inch), and I rushed outside to experience that long-forgotten, but much cherished, aroma of warmed asphalt, wet with rain. Mmmmm.... The fact that it is so rare that I actually cherish it, is depressing. The good news is that there is some rain falling to my east (in the area of the Waycross fires), not a monsoon or a drought buster, but I am hopeful that it will at least aid in the fire-stopping efforts.

As for our local AFD, it was refreshing to see Kelly's "Have a Great Day!" at the end of the discussion, even if he did remove POPS from the forecast for today... Don't shoot the messenger, right? Looks like we're back to sunny and warm weather... yeah... (important to detect the sarcasm there...) Looks like South Florida has a shot tomorrow at some much needed rain and some potentially strong isolated thunderstorms. All I can say is Jeff, looks like you'll need to collect it and send it up this way... Unfortunately, I have nothing for you... unbelievable.

That's it for me... another busy day of catch up work.

Toodles (it's FRIDAY!!!)


  1. Dew...In the words of my least favorite president (who shall remain nameless), "I feel your pain." Really I do. It really doesn't look good for much rain to fall the next two weeks.

  2. 2 WEEKS?! Mike, didn't you read that bit I wrote about, if you don't have anything nice to say...?

  3. Oh, my bad, I thought that was just about your Twister Sister chasing trip...don't shoot the messenger...

    I'm not saying we'll not get ANYthing, there's just not any big storm showing during that time in the models...

    We need some tropical systems this summer.

  4. Let's just apply it to all. ;-) Sheesh... 2 weeks.

    A few tropical system would be great! Then, I could chase a hurricane, too. I'll be an experienced chaser in no time!!!

  5. sign me up for that hurricane chase (well iI need to think about that!!!)

    ...they scare me more than tornadoes...once you get in place you can't get out, unless you are blown out or washed out by storm surge...

  6. Think about it???!!! Opportunity of a lifetime!!! You need to check out Jeff's DVDs at Jeff's Hurricane DVD Store. If that doesn't hook you... I don't know what will.

  7. Don't get me wrong, if it can be done with some degree of safety, I'm in....I want to go to Mt. Washington, NH...that would be my dream wx vacation!

  8. Mike, I haven't heard the rave of the storm chasers racing to Mt. Washington, NH, for wx...

  9. Jeff G and group would be the guys to go with for sure on a cane chase. :-)


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