The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh no! Not Friday...

Next week is "Air Quality Awareness Week". Who knew? Apparently, it's the time for us to "Be Air Aware". We will kick ours off with smoke rolling in from the fire to our east. Irony... huh? I got a call yesterday from one of Hubby's co-workers. Apparently, the swamp relatively near us (closer than Waycross) was on fire, and since the area on fire is only 30 miles from his house, he was contacted. He was worried... undoubtedly. We are today under a fire weather watch, looking like we'll go to a Red Flag Warning tomorrow. Fires are popping up everywhere. A minor dose of relief is in sight, which comes as a mixed blessing for me... a weak backdoor front is forecast to "try to push into the Eastern half of the CWA" on Friday... yep, that's me, but that's also the day of our ACS Relay for Life... Rain is a Relay killer. It hurts the money we bring in at the event. Last year, we had torrential downpours as the Relay was just getting underway. It was a mess. I am supposed to keep the chairperson informed of the forecast for Friday and Saturday. I have to say that a chance of POPS on Friday, though long overdue and very much (desperately, in fact) needed, is extremely poorly timed. I am hopeful that the front will either speed up or slow down... I don't want it to go away... it just needs to change it's ETA... Saturday afternoon would be ideal... Thursday would be great! Please, just not Friday!!!

I did a lot of research last night on laptops. I am currently looking at the Gateway NX570X. Got a price quote of just under a thousand for what I'm looking at. I am hoping to have this and have it all set up before I leave for the chase in June, so I can bring it with me. If nothing else, I can use it to keep an off-line journal of the events as they occur. Should make it easier to blog about them when I am permitted to do that. I would love to have any and all input about Gateways. Positive and negative reviews will be gladly accepted. I did an analysis between Gateway, Sony Vaio, and Dell. Gateway definitely turned out to be the best all-inclusive value. The other two started at where I finished with Gateway, and I still didn't feel like I had what I wanted. I do have some hesitance with regard to Vista... Should I go Vista or not? Will I even be offered that choice? I'll have to be certain that it's compatible with GR. Anyone know off-hand before I dig into the owners' forum?

Mini-Dew got sick last night, out of nowhere, so I stayed up a while to make sure she was OK. All I can think is that the acid in the spaghetti sauce triggered reflux. Poor kid. She was fine afterwards, but I put her in bed with me (when I finally crawled into bed), so I could be aware of any developments. What a night... I'm pooped.

That's all I've got. I need to get ready for church.



  1. At this point I believe everyone would love to walk in the rain.

  2. I don't know about Gateway to much. I do know there computers really stank at one time and you didnt want one of those "cow computers" Once I had thought about the Sony Vaio as my video gear was all sony, but went with a Dell. I probably will stick with a Dell as I have had 3 so far. It all comes down to personal choice and what you want to do. But then again don't be lead by bells and whistles from an inferior machine. As for Vista? I have heard both good and bad. I think it weill turn out to be the best OS once the minor bugs are out of it. Until then I will stay with XP for a while longer. If you purchase one with XP they should give you an offer to upgrade to Vista.

  3. It's not necessarily bells and whistles, just a lot of what I want already included, which makes it much more appealing. I have not found anything that offers XP out there... Can you still get computers with XP?

  4. It's not walking in the rain that's the problem... it's the sound system, the campsite decor... the supplies, the luminary bags, everything. It's got to speed up or slow down...

  5. You probably cant get anything XP now come to think of it. As for the rain? Asap!!

  6. I am tending to agree with that...

    Definitely rain... ASAP... needs to happen!!!

  7. There are probably some consumer rating sites out there you might check to get a feel for the different models currently out there.

    Computer manufacturers seem to operate in cycles as far as quality control, customer service, reliability, etc. I guess all large corporations do a great product and customer service to build the company up....cut back on everything and take shortcuts to capitalize on your previous success....then revert back to what made you successful to begin with when your sales start slipping significantly. Rinse and repeat. :-)

    I have a Dell desktop that I really problems with it after owning it for about two years now. I've worked on nothing but Dells at work including laptops. They were fine. Just had to watch those batteries. BOOM! :-0 (not their fault though)

  8. Some ideas:

    As far as XP, if it comes installed with Vista (and any new computer will), you might be able to do a disk wipe and install XP from scratch. It can be a pain in the wazoo, but it can be done. I'd try to get everything up and running on Vista first. You might be just fine. The reason I didn't upgrade is because of all the software I have including wxworx that is all XP based.

    To be honest, any new computer I get, I wipe and reload just Windows. They put so much useless crap on there nowadays that it takes longer to try and remove everything than it does to wipe/reload.

  9. I have really emjoyed my Dell desktop, both at home and work. I had a Gateway years ago which was not very reliable. But that was so long agoyou can't fairly compare it to a Dell of now.

  10. from one keypuncher to another, you want a SONY Vaio or Fujitsu Lifebook. They have a full-size keyboard w/number pad!! Yee haw! ;)

  11. Just for the keyboard? I can't pay that much more just for the keyboard.


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