The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Waycross fire pics and storms today... not here, of course

I got these from someone, who got them from someone else, who got them as a forward, so I don't know who to give credit to, but, they aren't mine... just so y'all know... These are reportedly pictures from the fires that have destroyed many homes in the Ware County area. Many miles of wild fire has continued to tear through the area. I could smell the smoke last night, but the visibility wasn't bad here in South Central, GA. While I was at practice with Mini-Dew, another mom got a call from her hubby. He was being deployed to the fire to assist in the fire stopping. It's so large that they are having to build a huge fire-line around the area and let it just burn out. I hope we get that rain on Thursday.

As for the plains, things are already kicking up this morning with some nice thunderstorm cells popping in Colorado and Kansas. Chasers are getting into position for what is forecasted to be a major tornado outbreak... yes, another one. Everyone except, Steve Miller, but that's probably be a good thing for the other chasers out there. He'd just cause any system to flat line with his luck running like it's been. He created this fitting logo, so I asked to borrow it... I feel like I can relate... you know what I'm saying? Part of that whole weather abyss, where they pop north, south, east and west of me... just not here. Don't you worry though, I'll have my day. The good news is that this system in the plains will head to the Northeast, as they tend to do and will "drag" (Jeff's word, not mine) a WEAK cold front into my neck of the woods. What's that I just read... a chance at RAIN? Precipitation falling from the sky? Here? Break out the galoshes folks... (eye roll) It doesn't have the key ingredients for a severe weather event in this area, but the SPC has outlined an area of slight risk to the west. It's fine, really, at this point, I am HAPPY with the rain. As per the guys though...

That's it for me. I'll check things in the plains periodically, have a lot of catching up to do from being gone.



  1. I was wondering what that noise was on the roof this morning...I think they call it "rain".

    I's a beautiful rainy day in North AL!

  2. LOL!! I am quite honored...I think. ;-) I'm eating lunch and watching the show on radar. You're sucks. It's even worse knowing that I could easily be out there mixing it up with mother nature and deflecting the good storms within a 100 mile radius. LOL!!

    My goodness, that is a horrendous fire there!! Yikes! We shouldn't be seeing that in Georgia!! I too pray ya'll get some good rain from the system. At least the moisture profiles should be bettter resulting in higher PW values. Keep your fingers crossed. If it's like Texas, we break droughts with floods. ;-)

  3. It will most certainly come in floods since the ground is so dry. There's no way it could absorb all the rainfall necessary without some flooding...

    Chasers everywhere are greatful you're not out... lol.


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