The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The proof is in the pudding... ;-)

Well, we had our chaser convergence at a steak house in Tifton, and it was terrific! Great steak, great conversation, great fried cheesecake, and I had the outstanding opportunity to prove my outrageously super weather-knowledge. Yes, folks, I proved to the guys that I knew my stuff... Let me set the stage...

Not too long ago, Carolina Mike and I got into a debate about what the number one weather-related killer was... he insisted flash floods. I was persistent in my argument that it is actually heat that kills more people. In fact, I was so certain of that, I wasn't even tempted to waste my time looking it up. So, we agree to disagree at that point with me knowing I'm right and him thinking he's right... So then, there we are at dinner, and I am minding my own beeswax, when Mike asks Rick... what is the number one weather-related killer?... to which, Rick replies, flash floods... of course, that flares up my competitive spirit. No way was that going to fly as proof positive, so I say... get Tim on the line, he'll know. So Rick calls the NWS and asks for Tim. He tells Tim what's going on and asks him what he thinks. Tim agrees with the guys... flash flood?! Give me the phone! So, I get on with Tim and say IT IS HEAT! I know this! So, I ask him to find out for us and get back with us. Rick's acting like it won't happen, like Tim won't take the time to check for us, like he was laughing at us... I knew better. I had complete faith that Tim would come through for me. With his climatology focal and interest in statistics and records... I knew that he now HAD TO KNOW. CHALLENGE!!! Well, wouldn't you know it... he called back. "Rick, you're not going to like this." HA HA! Score one for the Dewdrop!!

So, not only was I right, but they were WRONG! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I wouldn't be gloating quite so much, but you must understand, they were just so sure of themselves! Oh yeah boys... who's laughing now?!

Thanks Tim for the follow up site. You have no idea how incredible that made my evening. lol

Right... and loving it!


  1. (Rolling eyes)..WHATEVER!!!

  2. Pardon me , but is that a hailstone?

  3. Yes, Thank you Tim..Now her head wont fit inside a a cargo ship!

  4. (shakes head) You are something!

    Rick what does a hailstone look like?!?!?


  5. Whew! I thought there for a moment there might be two fatalities related to weather discussion. :-)

  6. Rick, eye roll...

    Stormy, Thanks!!!

    Steve, You have no idea how close... Ahh, but the sweet smell of victory.

  7. Oh you. Somewhat akin to a spoons game in North Ga....

  8. He broke my nail... but I had that doggone spoon. He's a spoon thief. Are you suggesting that I have a deep-rooted competitive spirit??? No... ;-)


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