The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dean could soon be a catastrophic Category 5.... currently headed for the Yucatan peninsula...

Hurricane Dean is an extremely dangerous hurricane, currently moving into the very warm waters of the western Caribbean Sea. It is there that Hurricane Dean, presently a very high end category 4 hurricane will likely become a category 5 storm. It looks like his eye has tightened up significantly over the past several hours, offering up a potential for intensification (generally, the smaller the eye, the more powerful the storm), and he is headed straight for the Yucatan peninsula. It appears that US interests are going to be spared the wrath of Hurricane Dean, as the models are launching him into Mexico after crashing into the eastern Yucatan peninsula, potentially as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane. Jamaica was spared the worst, but they undoubtedly felt major hurricane strength winds and saw significant surge. I haven't heard any reports yet as to what it was like there... but I am sure that they had an unforgettable encounter with the likes of Hurricane Dean. I am afraid that the Yucatan peninsula won't be so lucky. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and most of Texas... looks like you can breathe a sigh of relief this time. Especially in light of what the guys at the NHC are saying:

Now, we have a new little wave feature, Invest 92L, in the Atlantic that is a potential contender for the US. The tropical wave that is currently just Northeast of the Leeward Islands is slowly creeping west-northwest and has the potential for some slow development. I will keep my eyes on that system and see what, if anything, happens there... Looks like that might become one for our East Coast, but way too early to speculate too much on that. One model presents it as a potential fish (out to sea) and one plants it on the coast of GA. So much can happen during development, so I will just keep you posted. The tropics have come alive.

Oh, and to offer an update on Tropical Depression Erin... She has dropped much rain in Texas and Oklahoma. In fact, in the the most recent report I saw, 7 had perished in her flood waters. With the excessive rainfall that area had already experienced this year, Erin's tropical moisture was just too much for that already saturated terrain to endure. I saw footage on the news yesterday of some high water rescues, as people had escaped to their roofs awaiting help.

Locally... although, I woke up to a nice crisp autumn-like morning (even took the liberty to pull a few a weeds while waiting for Mini-Dew to head off to school), the forecast calls for... HOT. Glad I got my mowing finished yesterday (no swings were injured during the mowing of my yard)... Today, I tackle edging and weed-whacking (hopefully avoiding the installed sprinklers)... The heat should be unbearable. At least, it won't rain and make the edging difficult.

Update: Just noticed where Alabama Mike posted a link to a forum written by people in Jamaica... (great link Mike, and Tennessee Michael had actually posted a link to its parent site in my comments before. Thanks, Mikes!)it offers some scary insight into what has occured there... looting, state of emergency. I can't imagine what it must be like there. Also, Jeff is providing updates from a storm/hurricane chaser friend of his, Jim Edds, who is actually on location in Jamaica... God be with all those in Jamaica as they deal with the aftermath of the powerful Hurricane Dean.

Update: After 5PM
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  1. Looks like Felix the Cat may soon be our next storm.

    Dean seems to be headed to Cat 5 by this afternoon. God bless the folks on the Yucatan Peninsula.

  2. Amen to that Mike. Those people are in for quite a hit.

    Felix the Cat, lol! He might actually be one for us to play with. One model has him hitting through the Savannah... when does that happen??

  3. The European model has his outer whiskers arriving on the FL coast around Friday...

  4. Yet another, wait and see...


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