The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Twister Sisters Reality TV Show...

(Graphic from the WEtv show website) Well, I watched the first airing of the "Twister Sisters" show last night. It was quite entertaining, in a what the... kind of way. It was great to see how they pieced it all together... There were moments when I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness. I thought that it was slightly less dramatic than I feared it would be, which is good news. There were several aspects that I enjoyed. As Bill D. mentioned, the EBS tone for wordy dirds was a riot! The first time they did that, I was rolling. Great idea, but how many people actually picked up on that? Just weather geeks like Eric and Beau, I am sure... that cracked me up, too. I caught it, so who cares, right? Of course, Beau and Eric had their drama... chasers' spat. They don't seem well suited as partners, and I think they actually determined that during the course of the week with me. Something along the lines of "never chasing together AGAIN!"... It's sad how the show destroyed their friendship. Brad and Karen were with me on my chasecation, too. I introduced both to White Russians (are we surprised???) and was later put in charge (by Karen, Karen are ya nuts? lol, love ya, girl!) of making sure Karen made it back to her hotel room... safe and sound... (Oopsie, I got off track, back to my show discussion.) The core punch drama on the dirt road seems to be the big topic of discussion at my office. "Why would they do that? It seemed pretty dangerous." Yeah, well, that's because it was. Brad and Karen got a lovely view of that same first storm, without the core punch drama; however, Beau's failure to share the data card with Brad, when Brad's wasn't working properly was pretty sad, but of course... drama. I think it would have looked better to show camaraderie between chasers... but this IS reality TV, I suppose. As Alabama Mike pointed out in a comment, the hurricane graphic showing the storm location was... absurd... but LA writers, what do they know? Generally, I don't think the show cast Peggy and Melanie in a postive light... as chasers, which is disappointing because they are intelligent, knowledgable women. I learned a great deal from them, even if we didn't get the intercepts that I might have liked. Fabulous ladies. Generally, it's hard to schedule weather for the sake of a show... so it becomes mostly about luck... but I could just hear the call "Uh, yes, Ma Nature... Yeah, we are filming this reality/documentary (cough cough) about storm chasing, and we were wondering if you could just offer up a tornado or two during day light hours, with great contrast for the sake of filming.... Could you do that for us?" Her response... "Will Dew be in the area?" lol. Doesn't quite work that way, folks. I plan to be glued to it next week (especially with Jess, Bill and Cullen on that episode, I am sure Cullen will be a show stealer), regardless, so stay tuned next week. I just can't believe it comes on after that ridiculous "Women on Death Row" show... sigh. My claim to fame was when my dear son called prior to the show all excited about how he saw me on the commercial for the show. Sure enough, there I was... on the commercial... coolness.

Well, aside from all that mess, one big story today is Tropical Storm Olga... I know, I know, hurricane season is over. Regardless, there she is... she is losing her umph though and headed for land... so I don't expect much out of her. The other story is the anticipation of the big winter storm, expected this weekend. We are about to get that cold weather... I know, I know... about time.

I'd better get.



  1. I also noticed the use of the emergency tone to block out wordy dirds. Very clever. I was glad and a little surprised to see as much weather, as opposed to drama. One more criticism is when someone (I'm not sure who) suggested that they all "take cover in the car". I thought everyone (even non-weather geeks) knew that a car is probably the WORST place to be. Then it showed them all filming and taking pictures from the car. Maybe they were just getting ready to move on. I need to make sure I set my DVR to tape tham all...

  2. Yes, I remember that, Mike, but I believe it was the narrator imposing that on the situation. Most likely they were hopping in the vehicle to get to a better location. Peggy and Melanie know better.

  3. The Dew rocks!! National debut next month!! The show was ok. It was a "show" and it filled the niche nicely.

  4. Awww... Thanks, Rick! Can you say SUPASTAR!!! I am still nervous about the show I am on...

  5. I liked it.
    i really dont care what others think at this time, it is a reality show and it is on WE not discovery or twc or ngc its a show to entertain. Its kinda like taking a trip with all the guest.

  6. Me too, Jess. Can't wait to see yours next week!!!


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