The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The "S" Word (snow) has Invaded the South!!!

Boy, oh boy! Was yesterday a big weather day, or what?! It started out early, as I got a call from Meso Mike about 5:30PM (he was driving his dad home after a successful surgery) yesterday evening letting me know that reports from his mother in Byron, GA, indicated sleet. His dad taunted me that it was sort of like hail, so if I hurried up there, I might get my big chance. Thanks, Papa Richard. Shortly after ending that conversation, I got a call from Alabama Mike reporting that he had the "s" word (snow) falling from the sky at that moment in North Central Alabama. He has a great shot of a snowman that his sons made yesterday posted to his blog. He told me at that time that he was going to chase snow accumulation. We'll chase just about anything, won't we? At about 7PM, I got a call from my dear friend in Winder, who announced "IT'S SNOWING! MY YARD IS WHITE!" She sent me this wonderful pic of her snowman through her cell phone. Then, I got a text from my newly relocated friend up in Clemson, SC, who announced that they had 3/4 of an inch of snow up there! She sent me the pic below from this morning of what it looks like in her neck of the woods. She was thrilled.

Unfortunately, snow quickly turned to sleet and freezing rain through the night, so that beautiful snow is covered with a layer of crisp frozenness, which means that kids this morning can't even play in and appreciate what little snow they did get. The frozen rain started falling relatively early in the night, and I was given the opportunity to explain to my Winder friend the difference between frozen rain and hail. The disturbing part of all this is the forecast. The temps have risen, changing the precipitation to rain, and that should mess up the beautiful landscape, making a wet messy terrain, which should freeze tonight, which sets things up for a very dangerous ice situation, which will most likely result in big traffic problems. I noticed on TWC that, in many areas, sand/salt trucks are doing their thing, treating the roadways to prevent problems tonight and tomorrow morning.

(This pic was taken in Wisconsin by my dear online friend, Beth Ellen, who does phenomenal work with macro photography. In light of the recent snow in the southeast, it seemed appropriate to share in this post. Clicking on the pic will take you too her site.) Diving into local weather, we were fortunate to have steady rain all day yesterday. This morning, we are experiencing a drizzle, but that should settle down by this afternoon, and our mild temps (cool to me) will settle in through tomorrow when more rains preceed the approach of the arctic blast, which will bring in temps forecast as low as 29 degrees Saturday night. By midweek next week, temps should be returning to more South Georgia-like temperatures.



  1. S*#w is a wonderful thing!!! That cell phone pic of the snowman was nice!

  2. Sure, as long as it is far away from me!!! lol I will let my friend know you like her miniature snowman.

  3. do you think we will have a repeat on Saturday?

  4. If so, I expect pics from Byron, Mr. Man. I don't see it though.

  5. I would almost feel sorry for you southerners with the snow you are getting if we weren't getting 6-10inches here and temperatures in the 0's and below.
    Jon said that they got snow in Iraq for the first time in 100 years just the other day. I think that would have been a weather event that would have been pretty awesome to witness

  6. Carrie, Ewww... no thanks!!! As far as that cold weather stuff goes, I am far from geographically misplaced, except perhaps that I am a little too far north during the exceptionally cold times ... you know... freezing... can't even imagine trying to endure 0's and below. I heard about the snow in Iraq... craziness. I bet it was cool. I hope the troops were ready for that kind of weather. I hope you, Jon and the girls are doing well.

  7. That snowflake by Beth Ellen is beautiful! Looks like you had lots of fun down in Tampa. See you in T-minus one week. :o)

  8. Courtney, isn't it amazing. You should check out her site; she's great with macro work!!! Had a blast in Tampa, and I cannot wait for CCA!!! See you there. Enjoy round two of winter weather.

  9. My pleasure, Beth Ellen! You do beautiful work. I just wanted to share that with everyone!

  10. I'd give just about anything to play in the snow again right now! That was the most fun I think I've ever had! sniffle, sniffle

  11. Girl, you really need to get out of Central FL! LOL!


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