The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, March 28, 2008

Clear skies here... not so much elsewhere...

It's Friday! You know what that means. It's time to play the "Sky Watch Friday" game hosted by Tom. I highly recommend you checking out his and the others' sites, especially if you are a weather enthusiast. Such wonderful sky shots. The sky just captivates me. Here is my sky watch shot for today, taken back in October though. I hope to get out soon and take some more shots for my stock.Yesterday, the SPC has an area of slight risk for severe weather highlighted over much of Arkansas, parts of Missouri/Oklahoma. You know... over there. Steve M. OK and I were talking about a particular cell that was between him and Tulsa... Nice looking cell, showing lower level rotation on Analyst (... so jealous), which he ended up watching from home. I reminded him that SOME of us were looking at cloudless skies, and he should take the chasetunities as they come... anyways, there were 5 tornado reports yesterday, with one of them appearing to be one unconfirmed but spotter reported tornado in Council Hill, OK, around where that cell was, too bad he opted not to chase... I know he's kicking himself... sorry, Steve. Looking at last year's tornadic activity... today happens to be the anniversary of a huge tornado outbreak (80 reports, 6 fatalities reported) in the plains, with things spiking again from April to May, which if you'll recall is when the devastating EF-5 destroyed the city of Greensburg, KS, on May 4, 2007. Dick McGowan has done a great job of covering some of the impact of the horrific tornado. He was one of those humbled as a witness of that horribly vicious storm. I encourage you to visit his blog. The SPC has outlined a slight risk across much of southern Texas. I have a local friend who travels to Dallas each year for a conference for work. Last year, he was there when he saw three funnel clouds... he's there again. I should have stowed away in his luggage... grrr... Rain chances for me are slimming for tomorrow, and instability won't be coming for the event... so it looks like a likely dreary Saturday... It does look like the dreariness will continue into Sunday. Fabulous...

I'd better get going. I am leaving early today to get ready for a Texas Hold'em game I am hosting tonight. My goal is to make it past the 3rd round... break a record. lol

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Rich and colourful capture!
    Stay safe and have a good weekend. :)

    Alex's World! -

  2. Beautiful.
    Lovely colours. :)

  3. Your Sky Watch picture is so colorful. Great capture.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. Hi, thanks for visiting me!
    This sky is gorgeous! I also liked the waterfall I saw!
    Have a good weekend and good luck in the game!
    All this and Garth too! ;)

  5. Alexander, Ida and Andrea, THANKS A BUNCH! Y'all have a wonderful weekend, ya hear?!

  6. I love sunset shots!! Have A great weekend!!!

  7. Thanks, Jess. Back at you! Hope it's full of instability for you.

  8. Carletta, Somehow I am responding out of order, but thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the pic. The waterfall was amazing!!! The pics don't do it justice. Glad you like the music too. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  9. Your sight is pefect for Sky Watches as well as Weather Watchers.
    Todays picture is so good, I love the colours and of course the clouds. I am also enjoying the song as well..

    Thank you for the link back to Sw

  10. Tom, THANKS! I love participating in this. It truly is right up my alley. I'm glad you liked the pic. I love your mackerel sky shot. Very cool. Of course on the link. Gotta give credit where it's due. :O)

  11. This is very beautiful i like it very much, colors are so pretty

  12. That photo is absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous!

  13. This is absolutely amazing.
    A famous painter would kill to have such a view on a canvas!

  14. A very good Sky Watch picture, so colorful.

  15. Stunning shot! I love the colours here...try to have a good weekend even if it does rain. :D

  16. This is a great skywatch picture.
    I love the colors of the clouds.
    Great job.

  17. Once again a beautiful picture!!
    Have fun at Texas Hold'em, love to play but don't ever get the chance. Have a great weekend.

  18. What a SKY!!! It looks like fire.

    Nice weekend wishes to you comes here, from the middle of Norway.

  19. All, thanks for the compliments on the shot. Thanks be to God for the spectacular view. The glory goes to Him.

    The sky did very much look like it was on fire, Anemone.

    Quintarantino, I always consider the sky God's canvas.

    Leslie... rain is actually something I prefer.

    Nicole, I did amazingly well. I stayed in past bf. :O) It was a ton of fun!

  20. Excellent and fabulous photos.
    Thanks for visiting With Images and for your comment on my poem.

  21. Poor Ol' Red... LOL! We had to jump start our lawnmower 2 weekends ago b/c the battery was dead after sitting in the shed all winter. I will have to go check out the CoCoRaHS site. Looks pretty interesting. I hope you had a great adventurous weekend! :o)

  22. Thanks, Carol. I was glad to visit, and I love your poem. I shared it with bf. Beautiful.

    Courtney, Ol' Red is back in business. The lawn looks great. Please do check out CoCoRaHS. It is a great program. I am cuckoo for CoCoRaHS!!!! I had a great weekend. Thanks! I hope yours is terrific, too.


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