The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, March 14, 2008

The many Mikes of Storm Chasing.... an incomplete list

OK, so Steve Miller (OK) posed an interesting question, one that many have pondered, I am sure... especially when you consider some of my blog entries where I start referencing Mikes. Just how many Mikes are there in storm chasing??? Well, I am going to list all the Mikes that I know about. Please realize that I am relatively new to storm chasing, haven't been to any conferences or conventions, so I am SURE there are many more storm chasers named Mike that I don't know about. If you are one of them, please don't take offense, just let me know and I will add you to my list. If you know of one that I have left off the list, I would like to know about them, as well, so please share that information with me. (Official Dewsclaimer: I am not familiar with some of these sites, so if they contain questionable or objectionable content, please let me know, and I will promptly remove them from my list.)

The MANY Mikes of Chasing!!!
1. Alabama Mike Wilhelm
2. Meso Mike Smith
3. Tennessee Mike (Michael)Detwiler
4. Mike Hollingshead
5. Storm Chasing Mike (Mikey) Shumate
6. Mike Umscheid
7. Mike (Michael) Carlson
8. Mike Theiss
9. Mike Peregrine
10. Mike Cox
11. Mike Gauldin
12. Mike (Mikey) Gribble
13. Mike Hardiman
14. Mike Kruze
15. Mike MacDonald
16. Mike Parker
17. Mike Ridgeway
18. Mike Scantlin
19. Mike Smith

Wow! Many more storm chasing Mikes than I ever could have imagined.

(Skywatch Friday, click on the icon to play along through Tom Wigley's site and join in.) Now, onto weather... the SPC has still solidly drawn my neck of the woods out of the area for a slight risk of severe weather. Currently, I am looking at solid and strong convection well to the south and well to the north. We aren't really in need of another solid precipitation event just yet... we have just now barely climbed out of a flood warning... as the river finally dipped below the flood stage, but it would not take much to get back up there. We are soggy down this way. The areas to my north getting rain right now, have a desperate need for rain, so I have no qualms about them getting it rather than me... That's not to say that we won't see rain today down this way. We are actually seeing "likely rain" this afternoon. Unfortunately, my ulterior motives of shooting lightning may be squashed since thick cloud cover, insufficient heating and a significant cap seem to have their hold on the weather... a strong thunderstorm may be possible if we get a break in the clouds, but it doesn't look likely. Isolated thunderstorms is the best the forecast has to offer me.

(Photo Courtesy of the NWS Tallahassee-Tornado Damage in Keaton Beach, FL from EF2 Tornado on March 7, 2008)The National Weather Service in Tallahassee has issued its storm report for the 2 confirmed tornadoes that impacted our CWA on March 7th, one in Capitola, FL (an EF1) and one in Keaton Beach, FL (an EF2). The last report I saw thankfully listed only one injury associated with one of the tornadoes that generated from that significantly bowed segment of the squall that came through on March 7th.

Finally, I mentioned yesterday that I am hosting CoCoRaHS training here tonight... anyone in South Georgia interested in volunteering as a CoCoRaHS volunteer observer, offering valuable precipitation data to the NWS for there analysis and climatology, should contact me for more details.

Happy Friday, folks!


  1. Well, that certainly narrows it down... lol

    Have a great weekend, Mike!

  2. Hi - thanks for stopping by my Sky Watch Friday post - your music fits mine today - cool!
    Talking about luring traffic to your blog - "Twister" was a favorite movie - and...I'll be back.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Carletta, Glad to. I love the sky watch idea. It's right up my alley, as you can see. If you enjoyed Twister, My blog should keep you entertained. Thanks for the visit! Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Have a terrific day!

  4. Stunning Sky Watch.. and the music woke my sleepy head up.. ha!. The link on my Mr Link brings up SpaM.. but I foolow you here by the link from your comment.
    I need time to call back here as your blog is of much interest to me.. so thank you for your Sky Watch picture, and thanks also for taking the time to Link to me and Sky Watch..


  5. Thanks, Tom. I wonder why it says it's spam. I promise I am not a spam site... all real, weather geek to the core... thanks for hosting in Dot's absence. I love all the sky enthusiasts, and I would love to have you stop back by.

  6. My sister's fiance is named Mike, and then there is that one eyed guy from Monster's Inc., but I don't know how much they know about weather....teehee. I wonder how many Dews there are....

  7. Cheers for that.. this second link works just fine.. oh! I'll be back... even if it is just to listen to this weather music... I'm going to link back here from Wiggers World if thats O.K.


  8. What amazing views. Those storms are devastating. God bless.

  9. Cool sky for the sky watch. Who knew that Mike meant storm chaser? Interesting. I'll be back to watch you watching weather. It's one of my favorite things. lol

  10. A storm chaser?! So what do you do when a storm chases you right back?

  11. Stunning photo ... and good music!

  12. wow those are amazing photos, sad about the last one, so much destruction there.

  13. Annie, OK, they definitely have to be storm chasers for me to add them to my storm chasing Mikes list. The world couldn't handle too many Dews... ;O)

    Small City Scenes, THANKS!!!

    Tom, Glad that one worked, helps if you type the URL correctly. Glad you like the music, and yes, a link is much appreciated, and I will be glad to reciprocate.

    Sandy, God bless YOU! Thanks for the compliment and the visit. Some of those storms have devastatingly destructive power. Worthy of respect.

    byrningbunny, who knew, right?Thanks for visiting and for the interest! There are so many weather enthusiasts out there.

    Craver, I RUN!!!!!

    Quintarantino, Thanks, and thanks!!!

    Lilli, Thanks and yes, very sad. I heard a story that some of the victims of the Capitola tornado had insurance with a fraudulent company, and now they are out of luck. How awful!

  14. Love the music… great post and the pictures are terrific

  15. DeeMom, Thanks for the visit and the compliments. I love your hawk shot! Coolness!

  16. Love the music.
    Great pics.

  17. Thanks, Carole. I appreciate the visit.

  18. Beautiful colors in your Skywatch photo!

  19. That's great! Mikey! I'm sure you have heard about the Georgia Dome Tornado. I was watching the game live as it happened. Video is over on my blog.



  20. I did hear about the Georgia Dome tornado... coincidentally, one of the other Mikes told me. Scary. I will have to check out your blog. Thanks.

  21. G' morning dew :)
    Crazy @ the Dome, CNN center and surrounding area, just a mess in the streets! I think I would have been a little freaked if I was at the game. Love your barn photo, gorgeous.

  22. Good morning, Nicole! Crazy weather night last night. I posted some borrowed shots on my blog. It would have been pretty scary to be in that dome. They didn't seem to panic too badly.



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