The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today in the "News" and upcoming severe weather in the south

I took this picture this past Tuesday, as the tail end of that line of "storms" was passing over my area. I found the sunlight from the sunset was creating some interesting coloring in the fast moving clouds as they raced to catch up with the system that didn't do much of anything here... We didn't even get much rain with it, with my CoCoRaHS approved rain gauge only tallying 0.35" of rainfall (shameless plug... yes, I know). You can see clearly in this shot though that there was some wind generated by this system as the palm trees (yes, I am so far south that my Mickey D's actually has palm trees in the parking lot) were being tossed around, offering a tropical feel. Is there a TCDS (Tropical Cyclone Deprivation Syndrome)???

I was quite disturbed to have another one of those rare opportunities to watch the news, and silly me, I did. What a depressing thing it is to watch the news anymore! First, there was the overly dramatized small explosion in Times Square that injured no one... only briefly impacted the subway system... and caused only minor damage to an Army recruiting office, but somehow, they are turning it into some sort of huge story, where...

The FBI said the FBI New York Joint Terrorism Task Force "is on scene working with" New York police.
Then, you get into the political junk that I have been avoiding like the plague... or perhaps like malaria... more on that in a second... anyways, there is talk of a do-over in both Florida and Michigan of their Democratic primaries... Then, the malaria thing... apparently, the government is looking for "volunteers" who wouldn't mind being injected with the deadliest form of malaria to see if they will be responsive to the vaccine... Yep, they might pay $2,000 or more... to inject you with a deadly virus... how much is your life worth? I think I will pass on that study... Then, a story about a 4 year-old who showed up at school drunk. A 4 year-old?! Good grief, people... TWC might be ridiculous to watch anymore with all the green warm-up theories... but I would much rather watch that than the soap opera, I mean "news" I watched this morning.

As for tomorrow, weather is expected to roll in as yet another system works its way across the CONUS. The dynamics aren't very well aligned for a significant weather event, but moisture and jet winds create a sufficient environment for some rotation and an SPC outlined area of slight risk for severe weather, which includes yours truly... the tornadic threat rest mostly in the Carolinas on Friday night though...
A squall line... what a rarity...

Off to pain and torture...

Update: The NWS guys have issued a Flood Potential Outlook for tonight through the weekend, as 3 systems are expected to cross paths somewhere nearby causing buckets of water to fall in the area. Though they aren't certain which areas will see the greatest amount of rainfall, it is certain to be a wet day tomorrow. Be sure to bring your galoshes with you. We are under a flood watch beginning at 1AM. Also, the SPC has expanded their slight risk area... should be an interesting day.Ciao,


  1. Love the pink CU with palms pick.

    "Is there a TCDS (Tropical Cyclone Deprivation Syndrome)???"

    There sure is, and I suffer from it several times a year. Miller needs to add a section for this on his SDS page LOL.

  2. The news is no show to watch for pessimists or paranoids. The political stuff just gags me. I only watch the news get my weather report so I know how to dress my kid for school. The last time I watched it there was that story about the teenage girl who killed her mom and little brothers and tried to kill her dad too over them wanting her to break up with her boyfriend...Did she think murder would bring them closer????? What a sick world. Drunk four year olds...sigh

  3. Jeff, thanks. I was impressed with the sky that afternoon. I love it when the clouds have "texture".

    LOL! I thought about you and Steve when I wrote that. Perhaps a seperate wing at his treatment facility... maybe just a satellite office in the Lesser Antilles. ;O)

    Annie, exactly... I think I'll wait another few months before I do that again. I am blissfully happy in weather world.

  4. The last two months have been the most interesting wxwise in many years. The next few days will certainly continue that trend with severe wx and snow both likely to occur in the South...

  5. 3/7/08 7am - Nice little mesolow is looking to cross over the Dewvoid in the coming hour. Small embedded comma head convection might have a little punch with it’s passage.

  6. Mike, I couldn't agree more. Wild weather these days. At least, it's giving us something to do, keep our minds occupied...

    Jeff, Watching it, about to post a pic. Lightning is picking up in frequency. Incoming!!!

  7. I agree with you on the news covering that story...I was like..ok done with it!

  8. I am just relieved that I only watched the news for a few minutes...


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