The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A horse is a horse, of course... huh?

The strangest thing happened this morning. I was sitting there, freezing myself into Dewdrop-cicle status in this unseasonably cold weather, waiting for Mini-Dew's school bus to come and wisp her off to school, when out of nowhere (!!!) this white horse comes trotting out of the woods behind my neighbor's house and comes straight over to me. The thing walked through my yard and approached me in my driveway, just standing there looking all confused... and, the thing had a blanket over his eyes (after some research, I have learned that this is a fly mask), so I don't know how much it was able to see... Now, imagine it if you will... I live in the heart of suburbia, picture Wisteria Lane (less the tornado), and you've got my neighborhood... and out of nowhere, a horse comes trotting up. I have to say, that was my first time. Of course, I got up and called 911, not having a clue what else to do... not knowing how tame the horse was. Good grief. In all that, I wasn't able to shoot a picture. He quickly trotted to another neighbor's house and then the owners shot (I think) it with a tranquilizer because I heard a sound like a dull gunshot from that direction after the owners drove up. Crazy.

Well, an update on Tropical Storm Neoguri... looks like he decided that he wanted to reach typhoon status a little sooner than forecasted, already showing a clear eye, he is expected to reach typoon speeds today, and is expected to reach Typhoon Category 2, but it is expected to be a Tropical Storm again at landfall.

A small area of slight risk has been drawn in for Kansas for today. It is not expected to be a tornadic event, but hail and winds could become a problem today as the forecasted low pressure system develops over the central plains.

Have a bright, sunshiny day!


  1. It seems that I am a magnet for strange...

  2. Very strange indeed! It was rather frigid at the bus stop this morning!

  3. What!? There was no knight on this white steed? I hear music: One blind blind horse...see how he runs...see how he runs...(are you sure that was a tranquilizer gun you heard?) You have the weirdest stuff happen to you...I can just imagine that 911 call, "'s a blinded horse in my front yard of unknown origin and I am not sure if it is friendly...can you send out the equine unit?"

  4. Loved your post!
    How strange is that though!
    When your music opened it "cracked me up" - no pun intended. I had to laugh.
    The music is great - I didn't want to leave.

  5. Interesting post dewdrop!

    I got one of your old comments on my blog...& I added yours to the links at the side.

    Take care dewdrop!


  6. How strange about the horse! If you are a target for strange..tell us more of these stories. lol
    Thanks for your photos on Picture This!

  7. And what you been drinking so early... ? heh ;) That's a funny story. Glad it didn't talk to you.

  8. Hmm.. that is strange. I hope the horse is ok. He must've been quite disoriented with his eyes covered and not being able to see like that.

  9. Can't imagine why someone would want to tranquilize the horse, couldn't be too mean if it had the fly mask on
    Love the last photo

  10. Strange things happen at times... I do not know what I would have made of it.. I have seen this head gear before but it had mesh, very fine mesh so the horse could at least see. Normally when the heads are cover like this it is to help them lead a horse somewhere it might not like going.. Like in a horse box..

  11. That's certainly strange... You didn't get to know the reason behind it? I mean, why did that horse came from the woods with a fly mask?

    Anyway, thanks for the update! :)

  12. Hang tight, Nicole. The warm-up is coming. We'll be back to seasonable temps and wishing it would get cool again (and not just for the chasetunity that offers...)

    Annie, lol, yep, that's about how the call went. No, I am not sure it was a trfanquilizer gun at all. I actually heard reports from neighbors that the horse was still running free later in the day. I already have my knight...

    Carletta, I am so glad you enjoy my music. I leave it playing all day while I work. I am always happy to take requests, so if you know of any weather related songs, I will be happy to see if they are available. Anything weather related in the lyrics will do. :O)

    James, thanks for the link... Interesting??? Is that a compliment? If so, thanks. I heard a lot about you from Mike and y'all's trip to the symposium. Thanks for the visit. I hope "interesting" means you'll be back. lol

  13. Dot, I am glad to share my crazy tales. I am definitely wearing a target for it. I love the Picture This blog. Thanks for setting that up!

    Beth Ellen, Me drinking...? lol Crazy things happen. He didn't say much...

    Michele, I think the fly masks are transparent. He looked disoriented, but he trotted right over to me. I am pretty sure that he is ok. I hope they get the fence fixed. He could have easily been hit on the busy road I live off of.

    Lilli, I don't think they did. I wish I knew the owner to find out more about the horse, so I could update everyone. Thanks for the compliment.

    Tom, I was wondering if they were trying to blind him so he wouldn't try to run away... didn't work.

    Ice, I have no idea why...I had the same wonderment.


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