The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typhoon Neoguri and picture this...

Well, since the slight risk for severe weather is nowhere near me, I will make my top story Typhoon Neoguri, as of 5AM, packing winds of 105mph, a Typhoon category 2. They don't have the National Hurricane Center-Tropical Prediction Center, like we do, so I don't get to check on it like I would like, but definitely a powerful potential with this storm since it reorganized last night, and it came out much stronger than was forecasted, and the current trajectory of the storm places its landfall on the far east side of the island, where it was initially expected to brush the west coast of that same island. Given the level of uncertainty, it could impact Hong Kong. Intensity and trajectory are the two most difficult things to accurately forecast in tropical cyclones. Another area of interest has been identified well to the southeast of that cyclone, almost near Australia. Interesting.

Dot mentioned it in my comments, but I am participating in a photography blog now called Picture This (click here). It's not a comment blog, just a great place to check out some excellent photography. The current theme is wheels, and it has been really terrific to see the creative ways people are including shots within that theme. I hope the theme changes soon, though... I am running out of wheel shots...I might have to go on an excursion for more. Oh darn, right? My favorite post in this theme is the shot I took of the Ferris "Wheel" back in October when I went to see Daughtry with bf at the Georgia National Fair in Perry. Did I mention that Chris Daughtry touched me during that concert??? lol Can you tell I am a fan??? hee hee. Bf was such a sport.

Well, I mentioned the slight risk for severe weather outlined in central Texas and parts of Oklahoma (Texlahoma) by the SPC for today. We are not looking at a risk for a major tornado outbreak with this one, not to say that they won't occur (there is still a 5% shot in a large part of the outlined area). They could form in some discrete cells ahead of the front, but the dynamics don't really support their occurrence. It will mostly be a hail and wind event.

That's it for me on this busy Thursday.


  1. WOW! I love your picture on Picture This today! Thanks!

    I just hope cause that guy touched you that you don't refuse to bathe. LOL!

  2. Thanks, Dot! I loved the photography aspect of my trip to Vegas.

    LOL, Dot! I was tempted, but I have definitely bathed since then. Ewww...

  3. Yes WE ALL KNOW that Chris D touched you. We couldnt get the smile off your face for a month!. ;-P

  4. I rememeber that he touched you quite well, I didn't see you sanitize that area for weeks afterward! LOL!

  5. That second shot is beautiful.

  6. Lol. Now, that might be accurate, Annie.

    David, Thanks. I had great fun shooting pics at that fair.

  7. I like your site a lot.

    Hail and wind event is an understatement. It was reality here in Ft. Worth Thursday . Nickel size covered the ground with some drifts. On April 13, Friday, one year ago I lost my roof to hail the size of large hen eggs. This time it just shredded the trees and a new fig tree that I had just bought. Mid April is beginning to make me nervous.

    Did you see the interesting contrail, with shadow, on a previous post?

    I've bookmarked your site in "Check it Out - Favorites" Blog roll.

    I am always interested in weather.

    Troy in Ft. Worth

  8. Well, thanks a bunch, Troy in Ft. Worth!!! I did see how dramatic the hail was with that event, and I know it was a gross understatement to say it would just be a hail and wind event. I know both can be horribly destructive and fatal. I got a new roof from "hail damage" once. Sorry about your fig tree. That really stinks.

    I love your contrail shot. Contrails are so cool.

    Thanks for the link. If you are interested in weather, my blog should be right up your alley. Welcome.


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