The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tornadoes in Maryland... and other non-related stuff

Well, I drove for the first time in a funeral procession this weekend. One thing that I find very touching is the way people respond in the south to funeral processions. I think it's a southern thing. Y'all correct me if I am wrong, but I never experienced this up in New England. When I funeral procession passes through town, the cars traveling in the opposite direction (even on divided highways) stop and all allow the procession to pass before they continue. Such a respectful tribute to the deceased and the family. A dreary drizzle formed a suitable backdrop for the sad memorial service.

Onto my Monday routine... I have some interesting weather to discuss so I want to get on with things. It's Monday, so that means it's time for "Odd Shots Monday". In order to participate in this, visit, Katney's blog. This shot was taken over the weekend. I was taking pics of Mini-Dew and bf's kids as they were climbing around in the jeep (not an official photo shoot to start, just on my camera phone at first... until I noticed they were willing to ham it up for me. Then I grabbed my camera.) Unfortunately, the odd shot was taken on my phone, and I didn't even think to re shoot it with my camera. Silly me. So, pardon the quality, but I would have to say it's my best odd shot right now. This little critter was a stow-away hanging on bf's headlight. (Unfortunately, he didn't make it, had already met his demise at this point, actually). Hopefully the members of PETB--People for the Ethical Treatment of Bumblebees-- won't be too upset with us.)That said, let's move onto this weird weather... yesterday, there were 6 tornado reports. Here's the interesting part. There were two confirmed tornadoes (EF-0 and EF-1) in the Maryland suburb of Washington D.C., near the city of Waldorf, Maryland. Tornadoes in Maryland... weird. Today, the SPC has outlined yet another area of slight risk for severe weather in the Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri area... Kanlasouri??? Currently, especially in the Oklahoma area (sorry Steve), despite monstrous parameters that have chasers drooling, the cap is unusually persistent, so the severe weather is only an issue of the thermodynamics falling into place. A busted cap could result in a substantial outbreak in Oklahoma, but that is not the expectation. Elsewhere in the area of slight risk (Kansas and Missouri), we've got the opposite, less significant parameters without the cap. Unfortunately, that will result in a hail and wind event (not to downplay that Troy in Ft. Worth, but...) and rain... just what that area DOES NOT need! In addition to the severe weather, the Illinois, Indiana area experienced another earthquake, aftershock, this one measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale. I also noticed that Montana recorded its latest sub-zero temp yesterday, with a very cold... -1 degrees. Brr... yeah, global warming... whatever.

The above is a shot I took yesterday, while Mini-Dew and I were leaving the grocery story. I had to capture it... you know me.

Have a great day!


  1. They do that here in Greensburg for funeral processions, too...

    Poor bumble bee! :(

    Very pretty sky shot, though!

  2. I am anxious to hear of all the places where they do that. Greensburg is a small town... maybe it's a small town thing. I can't imagine them doing it in a big city.

    I know, sad little story for that bumblebee.


  3. Most precious photo this last one ... I'm not that lucky when I go to grocery ... after paying I see everything dark :)

  4. Thanks, Quintarantino. Usually after grocery shopping... I do see everything in red... such as my checking account... (kidding).

  5. As far as I know, everywhere here in the Dallas Metro we stop for a funeral procession.

    The sunset is awesome. I love sunsets!

    I hadn't been paying attention to temps in Montana; I've only noticed the winter weather warnings on the NWS page. And to think that I actually want to move to Montana!

  6. I appreciate the response, Ken. Maybe it's just New England where it doesn't happen.

    Thanks on the sunset shot. I wish I could have better composed it. I love sunsets, too!

    I'm wondering now, too if it wasn't Minnesota I was talking about... State abbreviations confuse me sometimes in the M's. I can't imagine moving there!!! I don't like barely freezing or even above freezing temps, can't even imagine below zero!!! Brr...

  7. LOL Yeah, the M's are confusing. MT is Montana, and MN is Minnesota. I used to live in MN. I love it there. Not the best for chasing, though, in my opinion. Sub-zero temps are no fun, but it certainly does help with the allergies!

  8. Pretty sure it was Minnesota... based on my less than reliable recollection. I wouldn't imagine chasing is very fun up there at all. I know a few chasers out of that area though.

    I hate the cold.

  9. Is there really a PETB? I love bumble bees, honey bees and the like; so it makes me sad when one splats on my windshield, front grill of my car or on the headlight like this little critter did.
    Good odd shot for today~
    (p.s. love MercyMe singing on your play list~)

  10. Aha .. mistreatment of a bee .. well, I suppose we can let you off with a sting warning but next time there's be hive to pay!


  11. Jenn... can you ask mother nature if she's going through menopause? 'Cause seriously, she has mood swings (tornados, hail,etc), then she has hot flashes (warm weather), and recently she must be having cold sweats (chilly weather). What gives?

  12. Diane, LOL! I doubt it, but perhaps you could be the first!!! Can you imagine? I am real bad about trying to kill any insect that tries to harm me. I would probably be arrested by your organization. So glad you like the music.

    Daryl, haha "Sting warning"... "Hive to pay"... you're so punny!!!

  13. Dew, thanks for the mention on my brother. Very touching. I was looking at some old pictures and I found one that was interesting. How do I send it?

  14. T,J & D, You are very welcome. Continued prayers headed your way. You can email the pic to me if you would like.

  15. Poor bee - a true Odd Shot.

  16. I know... poor little bee.

  17. Yes, most people show respect by stopping for a funeral procession. Being a pastor's wife, I go to many funerals so it upsets me when I see someone not stop to show their respect.

    Very nice "odd shot" and sky shot.

  18. Wednesday looks good for west Texas, Texas panhandle, and possibly the DFW area. WSounds like they're forcasting a heck of a dryline setup near ABI for Wednesday and calling for the storms to move east from there. Also sounds like it should be a good setup for tornadic supercells there.

    Jim C

  19. Up here in good ol'Michigan we also stop for funeral procession and they also get police escorts, sometimes they can be over 100 cars long from the church to the cemetary. I find its a beautiful thing. I think my grandfathers had 50 cars in it and we took a detour along the Superior Lake Shore his favorite sunday morning drive.
    You would be surprised the amount of tornados that Minnesota receives. My sister lives up there and shes always running for cover when there is a thunderstorm approaching. Here is the Upper Peninsula we get straight line winds. According to a guy that works for the NOAA weather place here he says that sometimes they are actually more dangerous then a tornado. I don't know the tornados I lived through in Moultrie scared the shit out of me......

  20. oh I also wanted to say that I think it was in the 70's yesterday in Minnesota so I do believe when you were talking Montana you were right. I know that they were getting some snow...Im praying it isn't heading this way. On the first of April we had a blizzard with a recorded 25 inches and then on April 15th they forcasted another 25-30 inches but we didn't get that much, now we are experiencing flooding becuase it was in the 70's and all the snow is melting and rather quickly...YIKES!!! Thank God I live up hill from Lake Superior. Though I can see it from my front yard its still about 3 miles away.

  21. Too bad you didn't have your camera for that bumblebee. It would have been a great close-up.

  22. Jim, Thanks for the forecast update. I guess Troy in Ft. Worth needs to keep his head up. You chasing Jim? Welcome to the blog.

    Carrie, Thanks for letting me know about the funeral processions up there. I guess just big cities don't... interesting. So nice that your grandfather's procession took his favorite Sunday drive course. So nice.

    A couple of chaser friends of mine developed their passion for chasing in Minnesota, so I know it's active. Straight line winds can be much worse in the fact that they generally cover a broader area than tornadoes. You have a NOAA friend???

    You need to come on back down to Georgia where the water is warm! lol

    Katney, I can't believe I didn't shoot it when I got the camera. Sheesh.

  23. Andrea, what upset me is that one of the vehicles that did not stop was a Sunday School bus from a local church... sad.


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