The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, July 07, 2008

Welcome Big Bad Hurricane Bertha to the Scene...

There you have it... a nicely formed Hurricane Bertha becomes the first hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season, packing winds at the requisite 75mph. Coincidentally, she was classified as a hurricane on the same date as the former Cape Verde Hurricane Bertha was named such back in 1996. Odd. She doesn't appear to be a storm to be worried about, as current trajectories place her out in the Atlantic. At this time, she does not appear to be a future threat to US interests, but she does appear to be on course for a slam into Bermuda... anything can happen... at the moment, she appears to be going through an eyewall replacement cycle, but they usually come out stronger on the other side of those. Just to offer some great perspective for this lovely hurricane, I decided to share this graphic that Rick was kind enough to share with me. Thanks, Rick.

Speaking of odd circumstance in hurricanes, it's time for my "Odd Shots Monday" shot. In order to participate in "Odd Shots", visit Katney's blog. Today's odd shot post was actually taken about a year ago while I was visiting the UGA campus. I saw this interesting work of "art" and stumbled upon it in my stock the other day. What do you think? Odd right?As promised, time for the details of our wonderful 4th of July Celebration. I mentioned that Meso Mike hosted the big bash at his dad's house in Enigma, Georgia. Well, I am so glad we were able to attend because we had an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC time!! I guess I should start at the beginning and work my way through. I have only one disappointment from the day and that is that we did not get a group shot of everyone there, so I missed out on getting shots of some of the folks there, but it really was a fine bunch of people that we celebrated with, and they welcomed us as if we were part of the family to the point that while we were leaving, Bf's sweet daughter asked... "So, how are we related to them?" I was glad to finally meet Meso Mike's wife Carmen, and his kids from Italy, and the rest of his family was equally charming. Awesome folks.

Anyways, we drove into Tifton to discover that the address provided was not recognized as such on Gertrude (my Garmin), so we called Mike for some guidance, which was relatively harmless. We finally arrived there, and the kids got ready for some swimming, having a truly terrific time, even having a chicken fight or two. I couldn't get over how much Mike's middle niece looks like him... she's the front and close to center one... wow. While the girls were splishing and a splashing, several of the boys grabbed rod and reel and headed over to the fishing hole (best way I know how to describe it) to see what they could catch. Bf lucked out catching a bass after just a few casts with a large bait, which was apparently surprising. I tried some fishing myself... without any luck. it sure was frustrating... Then, we played volleyball, and I have now learned that I am not nearly as young as I used to be. OUCH! I have been sore since. Apparently, I got a little too into the game. I would imagine several of the other adults are feeling the same pain... ibuprofen.I found muscles I didn't know I had!!! Hopefully, Rick didn't catch much of that on video... I am almost scared to see the video from the day. lol. Well, we played that right up until it was time to eat. A wonderful feast of burgers and hot dogs with some terrific sides, the perfect 4th of July meal, and we ate and ate and ate. Later picking volleyball back up and a game of water balloon toss, which resulted in one of Mike's nieces getting dunked in the bucket of ice water when she snuck one upon her dear old dad... when will kids learn???? No worries though, Granny Margaret was armed and ready with the water bottle. It does not appear that Rodney was much phased by her water-based warfare...

As darkness started to descend upon us, Mike began setting up for a fireworks show extraordinaire. I don't how much Mike spent on that display, but I would say that it could have contended with a small town's display easily. Over a thousand boomer flying high over our heads with huge explosions of light and color, radiating the sky, causing the neighbors to stop their little splatter of light to catch a glimpse at the complete awesomeness. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a backyard show like that, complete with large flag and the singing of our National Anthem. Couldn't have been better! A huge THANK YOU to Meso Mike for hosting and bringing the show... to Papa Richard for offering up his house... to Granny Margaret and Papa Jim for making the long ride down, for Kim, Rodney and the kids, Matthew and the kids for making the trek over... Rick for offering his video talents and to bf and the kids, including Mini-Dew for making my 4th of July so special!!! Man, I really wish we had captured a group shot!!! Next year! :O)Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

11AM Update:

1100 AM AST MON JUL 07 2008


Man, she's a beauty...Toodles,


  1. I Dew.. my links are all sorted and visiting you is no problem now.. great picture... we have had the odd thunder storm and you would think by all the moaning people are doing it was a hurricane... if the suns hot some complain at that as well.. ha!.

  2. Thunderstorm??? In your neck of the woods? I hope you got pictures. :O) People are never happy with what they have from what it seems... eh?

  3. I agree on a fish with Bertha, but she has my attention. If that Bermuda High builds back in strong, all bets on a poleward turn are off.


  4. Mirage also has bicycles, but I would say hers are more accessible.

  5. Oh wow that is one stack of bikes. Great photo

  6. Bravo Dew! It was an awesome time had by all...Still hurting from the volleyball game though! LOL!!!

  7. Well for me its better to be more realistic.

  8. Sounds like y'all had a great day!

  9. Mikey, true enough. We shall see. If it misses that turn, you're back in the game.

    Katney, I will have to check it out! Cool.

    Lilli, Thanks!! I thought it was rather odd.

    Rick, Truly a great time!!! Be nice on that editing! lol Seriously, ibuprofen. I've been eating it like candy...

    Lottery, huh?

    Mike, We sure did. Wish you could have come down for it!

  10. What a great moment of reading blogs.

  11. Lottery person... don't make me keep deleting your comments... annoying.

  12. Stumbled in via odd shots. Amazing bike "sculpture" ~ who thinks up these things?

  13. I am so far from that side of the brain, I have no clue where those ideas come from.

  14. The bike sculpture is really a beautiful odd picture!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  15. Thanks, Pietro, and you're welcome.

  16. Bertha is now a cat three!! This storm is beautiful!!!

  17. I know, Jess!!! Can you believe that?! A true beauty.

  18. Wow, looks like my kind of get together! I spent the past five days at All Children's Hospital with my stepson and his ruptured appendix. He was in critical condition, but antibiotics seem to helping tremendously. Hopefully he will get to come home this week--he will have an IV and a home health nurse who comes to visit until September when they will be able to remove the appendix after the antibiotics clean up enough of the bacteria and infection. Too risky to operate before then. I think you had more fun than me!

  19. Awful about Jarhett!!! I hope he will get better quickly. Sounds terrible, scary and painful. Poor kid. Will he be staying with you? I am sure I had more fun!

  20. Let's dew it again next year!


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