The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, September 22, 2008

After Ike... and another?

Happy Monday! I just got through a nice relaxing weekend. A little bit of "grand-puppy" sitting, while my dear son and his wonderful girlfriend went on a mini-cation. Chloe is such a cutie, and though she crawled under my fence a few times... she really wasn't too much trouble. We also had a great time watching gtb's cousin play in a college soccer game. I let Mini-Dew take all the pics during the game, and let me tell you, she did a fantastic job... check it out.
Aside from the puppy chronicles and soccer games, there is some tropical action once again... sorry, folks, the break seems to be over. The potentially future Kyle is organizing, as I type over Puerto Rico.This broad area of low pressure with some significantly clustered thunderstorms stands a high chance of developing into a tropical depression (would be tropical depression 11) over the next day or so. If this one were to develop into a named storm and start moving, it could become yet another threat to the U.S. Unfortunately, there is a long road ahead for those recovering from Hurricane Ike. Locally, we are only having to deal with gas shortages, but a million people between Texas and New York are still without power... the Texas coast has been completely devastated if not, obliterated. We really don't need another U.S landfall... thanks.
It was pointed out to me that I have been rather tough on those folks who stayed behind during Hurricane Ike. I am sure that they realize their mistake and don't need some unharmed observer like me rubbing their noses in it. So, I am finished with that, and I apologize for any hurt I caused, but I do have strong opinions in this matter. My new focus will be prayerful. I know that now, during this very difficult recovery, while survivors are digging through rubble and trying desperately to make some sense of it all, that their faith is being tested. I realize that they are in grave danger of looking at the mess, thinking about their missing neighbors and loved ones, and starting to lose hope, if it hasn't already been lost. My prayer is for God's strength for those people. It is at their weakest moments that God will reveal His amazing strength, and if they can just maintain faith, they will be carried through. Yes, it's a horribly tough road ahead, but I hope they hold onto the encouraging Word... God loves them. It's in crisis situations such as this that we see God's love poured out in the kindness of strangers as neighbors reach out to desperate neighbors, lending a hand, a tool, a shoulder... rebuilding side-by-side... rising from the ashes... the rubble. Yes, with God's love and grace and provision, this too, shall pass. God, be with all of those impacted in any and every way.

Onto other things... my sincerest thanks to Leedra for offering me this appropriately iconed award for my blog. It's a sky shot... big cheese grin. THANKS, LEEDRA! So glad you enjoyed my blog. Pay it forward time... I decided to keep this award focused as a photography award for an emphasis in outstanding photography and a touch of interesting writing in blog-world.

There are so many more out there who deserve this award, and I apologize if I excluded you, but I wanted to stick to 7 in the awarding. It's a nice number. I rather like it. Anyways, I chose these bloggers for their amazing photography, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

Have a lovely day!

P.S. According to my wonderful gtb, I simply must mention the start of the secondary severe weather season.... errr, I mean fall. Happy Fall, Y'all!!


  1. 93L / Kyle looks East Coast bound with a left hook....not digging the models up here. Great pics by mini-Dew!


  2. Thank you for the award, Jenn! I am genuinely flattered.

  3. Thanks for this award, Dewdrop! (blushing)...I am honored..;-)

  4. First - thank you for the award. That's two from you. Am going to have to do something about that. :) I truly do appreciate it.

    Second - am glad that we both can have strong opinions and still be friends! Good thoughts are always needed. :D

    Have a 'dew'licious day chica!

    <<< HUGGGGG >>>

  5. Thanks, Mikey. I will let her know... I did notice they downgraded the likelihood of Kyle. I guess we shall see.

    Ken, Rick and Christine... gladly.

    Christine, of course friends... OF COURSE! Dewlicious... sounds yummy.

  6. Dr. Masters has a great write up on what may happen with 93L and a sub-tropical Low that is set to form off the Carolina coast. We could have another Perfect Storm with the Low and Kyle rotating around each other!!!

    Pretty wild.


  7. New here! I love chasing storms. I am new to sky watch friday as well. Posted my first one last friday! Still learning all the details!

    I lived in Northern Georgia for a while and loved it!

  8. Mikey... and to think, all yours. Yikes.

    Heidi... is that right? Did I remember your name right? Anyways, cool. You chase?


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