The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Mammatus...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by for this week's installment of SKY WATCH FRIDAY! Please visit Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Louise and Fishing Guy's SKY WATCH BLOG to participate in Sky Watch Fridays, which is WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE!! Thanks to Dot, the momma of this fabulous blogging event, and to my dear friend, Tom, who brought it to full blossom. I, personally, love visiting the skies all over the world!!! You should definitely come fly with us!I have decided to post another picture from my November 14, 2008, Mammatus Spectacle!

Mammatus (also known as mammatocumulus, meaning "bumpy clouds") is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud.
This photograph demonstrates the magnitude of this splendid experience. The pic that I posted last week showed the view behind my house, facing due east toward the rising sun. This is the view in front of my house at about the same time, facing west southwest. The entire sky was covered in this amazing, miraculous, glorious phenomena for hours that day. In fact, there are what they looked like an hour later when I left for work... spectacular!
Glory and praise to our God,
who alone gives light to our days.
Many are the blessings He bears
to those who trust in his ways.
~Dan Shutte, "Glory and Praise to Our God"

Unfortunately, the death toll from the horrendous winter ice storm has risen to 23, and with power still out for hundreds of thousands of people and a fear that the status won't change soon, the likelihood that the number may rise is frightening. Inches of ice piled up on everything is created traffic nightmares, tree breakage, and power line breakage and failure. It's a nightmare to many. May God bless them. Unfortunately here, today, the temperatures have capped out in the 50's... I can't really complain though...

I never did talk about the US Airways Flight 1549 that made an emergency landing on January 15th in the Hudson River. That day was in the middle of that horrible Arctic blast, where New York saw some of the coldest temps of the season. The water of the Hudson at the time of the crash was in the high 30's, and the air temperature was in the 20's! Despite that, all 155 passengers and crew were safely evacuated within 5 minutes of the crash, which was an amazing landing by the veteran pilot and co-pilot. Well, a cartoonist Rex Babin drew this image to capture the "miracle on Hudson River":[Rex Babin]
WOW! Thanks to my dear friend for sharing that.

Have a GLORIOUS day!


  1. GFS shows a 976mb Low bombing out over NY next Tuesday. That's gonna be some storm if it stays just off the coast!

  2. Oh my gosh, that first pic is dewrific beyond words really.

    I can't believe I lost my magic of being your first commenter. I need to regain my mojo again.

    Happy skywatching.

  3. The first picture looks fantastic!Great shot!

    Yes, we heard here too about the landing in the Hudson river in N.Y.The pilot is a hero!
    Happy SWF!

  4. Wonderful sky here and on Skywatch, but I am so taken with that plane sketch! Awesome and oh so true!

  5. watta shot! wonderful colors!

  6. Beautiful clouds over your house!

    The ice storms in the U.S. have been terrible this year. I much prefer SNOW!

    It truly is a miracle that all 155 passengers survived!

  7. Incredible! I've never seen clouds like that before, but by the sound of it, maybe I should be glad to only be seeing them in photos! Beautiful, but the ice storm sounds like it has been really difficult.

  8. Your first photo Dewdrop looks like molten and boiling cloud. Fantastic capture.
    Re the sketch. Hes got the whole wide world in his hands. Thanks be to God for the safety of all involved.

  9. Stunning - both colours, pictue and cloud! Great shots!
    It seems as they cloud altso visited me!

  10. these pictures are as lovely as the one heading Sky Watch today. And Mr.Babin's drawing is really special. thank you for sharing.

  11. The first photo is very impressive, but also frightening as if heaven is on fire..
    It's terrible that so many died due to the severe cold.

  12. Wow, those clouds just make me want to duck my head!

  13. Glorious photos, Dew! That first one is a real stunner!

  14. Your first shot totally blew me away. As always an informative and interesting post and I also enjoyed the one you did as skywatch host this week. It is terrible all the loss of life from the ice storms.

  15. Truly beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  16. You dew know, that these are great!
    Especially the 1st is ominous!
    Cheers, Klaus

  17. The Mammatus Spectacle clouds looks great!
    Together with your enthusiasm it makes a wonderful Sky Watch post! :)
    Have a happy weekend.

  18. Never seen these beauties before... but will keep a look out from now on Dew... great drawing as well...

    My Sky Watch Pictures

  19. Great post and photo's!!
    Take care and Happy SWF

  20. Out of this world top shot, and so sad to read of those deaths.

  21. Your photos are stunning. You have captured a beauty that is rarely seen. Thank you for sharing these!

    My heart and best wished goes to those enduring the ice storm!

  22. Spectacular sky! Love that Dan Shutte song.

  23. I love your bumpy cloud pics, they look out of this world!

  24. That first one looks dangerous ... as if a tornado could spawn from it any moment.

  25. Great colors in the photo. I appreciate clouds so much more when I see them through your eyes.

  26. Hey Hey ChickAdew!I Was having huge computer problems and have been away for awhile but Im back and with a lap top!!! I will be updating everything soon.
    Love those mamantus clouds, so beautiful!
    Be talking to you real soon.

  27. I have never seen this first-hand. These are amazing shots. Impressive, as ever.

  28. Your wondrous photos make me want to experience these clouds! Yes, thank goodness all of those folks were rescued. Amazing photos and that no one was hurt.

    **********Your solar halo******** photo featured on skywatch leaves me breathless. What a capture! I've not shot that yet. I have so much to learn from you all!

  29. Another round of great cloud photos and lessons, Dewdrop. Both the Mammatus here and your SWF halo. Thank you!

  30. Wow, the first picture is amazing,what colours! Thanks for sharing.
    About the crash: again 155 who will be able to tell:'I survived a plane crash', thanks to a few 'herous'.

  31. I would love to see clouds like those one day. AMAZING. And great pics.

  32. So much to say, so little space. First, I love the picture on the meme's main page. I've never seen anything like that, maybe just a slight glow around the moon sometimes.

    Is that shot of the golden clouds the real color? Either way, fantastic color!

    Last but not least, I like the cartoon. That's about how I feel about that landing. It was a miracle.

  33. It's a magnificent show from the sky. Scenes that could make our jaws open...thanks for the share.

  34. Good pics and color. have nice SWF weekend

  35. I always love to read the information you give us,very interesting.And the photos are amazing,the colours in the first one is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend!

  36. I can't get over the colours in the first photo, I have never ever seen anything like that before?

    Just super,

    Gill in Canada

  37. wow! the clouds photo is truly amazingly beautiful! i love the last image! heartfelt.. :)

  38. Those are amazing clouds. And the rest of your post is thoughtful - makes me feel the weather on the other side of my world.

  39. The first photo is unbelievable!WOW!
    I can imagine the feeling standing under the sky lit up like fire!
    Here in my world we also continue the cold freezing run-up towards a Spring that feels mighty far away!

  40. That first photo is amazing!

    The drawing is perfect.

  41. I just had to pop back and tell you that's snow not water in my photo.........I have to admit it does look like water, but believe me its snow..........I wish it was water, but at the moment all water turns to ice up here!!

    Gill in Canada

  42. Dew, wasn't sure where best to answer your question about the breakwall. It's the barrier here between the lake and land that helps stop erosion. My neighbors have big corrugated metal one, my is cement blocks, installed when the lake level was low to keep drifting sand away. Now that the water level is up, there's a bunch of very large boulders in front of the wall. Makes for lots of spray on a windy day.

  43. Wow - it's as if the sky is going to open up in that first one - it's beautiful!

    I was one of the those without power for almost ten hours. Ice is beautiful but never fun.

    I hadn't seen the plane cartoon - awesome!

  44. Stunning cloud formations, great photos and that is such a powerful cartoon. Thank you for sharing all and for the lessons. Always enjoy your posts.

  45. Mikey, I've seen a couple of model runs with this playing out. It looks like a doozy! Brrr...

    Thank you to all of you who stopped by and commented from the SWF community. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I appreciate your feedback so very much! It warms my heart. I also appreciate the comments on the SWF site host shot of the 22° solar halo.

    The drawing I posted was very touching, and I am thrilled that so many commented on it. The pilot was a hero, and God's hands were definitely upon them all.

    Photo cache, You have definitely lost your mojo. lol

    Tranquility, No worries. Those clouds are harmless for the most part... just amazingly beautiful!

    Reader Wil, Not frightening at all. It was the most beautiful, peaceful sight EVER!

    Tom, It was my first time seeing them this way. I'll carry the memory with me always.

    Carol, Me too!

    Robert, Nothing to fear. Beautiful sky. No severe weather produced.

    Wren, Awwww...

    Jess, Miss you, girl!

    Gel, I want to see them again!

    2sweetnsaxy, The photo has not been altered at all for color. That is exactly how I saw it.

    Chanpheng, Glad to help you feel our weather. :D

    Gill, S#@w?! For real!? Wow!

    Deborah, Like the sea wall that I grew up with. Cool. Off the coast where I grew up, we had large boulders called breakers that also helped with the waves during storms.

    Carletta, So glad you have power back up now. Some may not get it back on until mid-February!

    Denise, Thanks!

    Thank you all!

  46. a couple of fab shots...the cloud formation/shape is so interesting...
    i learn something every time i visit your blog.
    thanks for that.


  47. It is nice to read a knowledgeable description of that spectacular sky. I received the Babin cartoon by email and saved it.

  48. Dew: What a wonderful golden cloud you captured. That is one color I only seen a few times. You always do a super job for SWF.


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