The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, June 15, 2009

Have a dew fresh Six Flags Day!

Well, things have just gone crazy for June weatherwise after Ma Nature took a little nap in May. Today presents, yet another moderate risk for the southern plains, with about a 50% shot at some tornadic action. Yesterday was an active weather day, with 11 tornado reports, and a great deal of wind damage, especially in Alabama, where it looks like wind sort of took over the state. I was on my way back from north Georgia at the time... so I missed out on seeing the system that caused the amazing number of wind reports. (The blue dots are the wind reports.)

We had a wonderful weekend. We were scheduled to head up to north Georgia to take Mini-Dew to camp, so we planned a mini-vacation with the cousins up there. In fact the aunts wanted my wonderful groom's children to stay and play with the cousins... and as it turned out, one of Mini-Dew's friends needed to come along, so we carried luggage for a week for 4 kids, plus supplies for a trip to Six Flags White Water. It was a FULL VAN!!! We had a wonderful traffic less drive up, stopping once for dinner at Chick Fil A where the kids got to visit with the famous "eat more chicken" cows, who were... mowing the lawn... ... bizarre, eh?

Continuing on our quest to Atlanta, we encountered lots of instability as the sky began to haze and towers boiled and rolled high up into the atmosphere. Fortunately, we arrived at my dear sil's just before the bottom dropped out. We sat back and enjoyed a lightning filled thunderstorm, with flashes hitting at approximately every 3 seconds. AWESOME!

On Saturday, we had a wonderful "Six Flags" day at White Water. Everywhere you go, they ask if you are having a Six Flags day... not sure if that means that we have encountered grouchy, disinterested lifeguards, extremely overpriced food and stupid lazy river rules, but if so, we did. Aside from that though, we all had a great time on the water rides!!! I (and incidentally Mini-Dew and her friend) finally got to ride the White Water equivalent of the Wahee Cyclone, the TORNADO! What an intense thrill ride that was. You shoot out of a water tunnel down a steep slide and get launched into an open sideways funnel with no outer lip, swinging high up onto the side of it and subsequently swing side-to-side until sliding out the other side. I am not going to lie to you, I screamed like no body's business and my eyes were tightly sealed shut until things settled down a bit. OK, so I was scared by the tornado, so? I didn't take the camera into the water park for obvious reasons... Unfortunately, because we stayed until close and I was outnumbered by non-weather geeks, we missed the Hurricane Hunter which was on display at the Peachtree City airport... sigh... maybe next time.

Heading home, we took the scenic route through most of Georgia, driving through lots of small towns along the way and seeing places we haven't seen before. It was a nice adventure, and came across this sign, which my wonderful groom was kind enough to stop for... Have a Dew fresh day!!!

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  1. Hi Dew
    You would have loved our skies yesterday... started of hot for England... then it started to turn very dark in the afternoon... it was not long before thunder could be heard then came the lightening... rain followed soon after then all at once hailstones fell... OK they were not the size of golf balls but boy did they fall fast and heavy... that passed and we had very heavy rain which flooded most of the roads and carried all the rubbish with it...
    Later in truned into a nice warm evening with beautiful clouds and a nice pink sky.. and of course a rainbow. As far as England and my area is concerned this is the worse it gets... not up to your standardsbut never the less viewing it was excellent... the lightening was very good... seemed to be a mixture of sheet and folked..
    Hope you are well and settlling into married life well..
    Tom :O)
    My blogs today show Meadow Views and Butterfly's


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