The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Storm, What Storm?

What a phenomenal time we had at the Quinces!!! We got home at 1AM... Whew, am I pooped.

When we arrived there, the family was outside taking pictures. Boy, was her dress amazing. She looked like a bride. The Quinceanera is 2nd only to a wedding in their culture. We learned of many of the traditions they have, including having the girl arrive at the party an hour late, which meant we had to sit and smell the food for an hour, knowing she was there, but waiting to make the big entrance. I noticed as we came in, the thunder started coming more frequently. The wind picked up and it grew dark outside. My dh actually noted that a storm was rolling in, and he was sympathetic to my desires. I wasn't exactly dressed for chasing in my semi-formals. It would have been more appropriate on date night (interestingly enough, he didn't seem too sympathetic then) when I wore my "pirate pants" (green cargo pants that I bought for storm chasing because of the pockets for flashlight, phone, binoculars) Funny, we actually talked a bit about my chase team lead falling through. He understands that I feel a void. I've gotten my feet wet, but don't quite know yet how to get drenched. I want to get drenched!!! "He must really love his wife," was dh's comment.

Food... oh let me tell you... YUM!!! It was fantastic! A Cuban Restaurant owner catered. My dd went for seconds. The music was playing, of all things at one point, "Brick House", funny. They played some Latin music and taught us the marenge (sp?) and the salsa. I made friends with a very sweet Cuban police woman, named Jeniffer (I don't guess she's a 2 "n" Jenn..., only I'm cool like that). We both had a blast dancing together and picking on the kid music, rap crap. She invited us to our wedding in three weeks. I think we'll go.

We had to take a detour last night. They had the main road leading to our house blocked off and intended to for a while. Apparently a bad accident with phone lines down and so forth. We were almost home and had to back track quite a ways. Not too many road options up at my end.

Anyway, that was my Quinces experience. It was nice. I think I'll list my weather update in a separate blog.

Had a strange dream last night. It was funny. I was in pursuit of a "Lime Rickey", which is my favorite drink from childhood. We used to always go to the soda shop while Mom did the laundry and order them. They are like a shirley temple icee. So good. I never could get to one in my dream though, the elusive Lime Rickey.


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