The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Monday, October 30, 2006

Severe Weather Season...? HA!

Bear wasn't acting quite right this morning, so I'll have hubby watch over him today (bum, has the day off...) and if he still acts funny, he's going to the vet. It could be that he's just worn out from all he's been through. Hit by a car, spared death, impounded (yes, our dog was impounded, and we had to pay a stinkin fine because our dog decided to play Houdini), got poked and prodded by a stranger (a vet checked him out already), locked in a tiny little cell, rescued by his loving family... I've been tending to the wound above his eye, but I'm worried something might be going on inside. I don't know how they'd easily check that though. I swear the dog has about 100 lives. We have already been through shock from him short circuiting our motherboard by chewing through the wire on our PC (years ago), complete kidney failure (where the lab questioned the vet as to why he was sending in lab work for what was clearly a dead animal based on toxicity levels.) and now, being hit by a car on a very busy road. He's a fighter, I'll tell you that! I just hope he'll be OK.

We have prospects of rain on Wednesday... but severe weather isn't in the forecast...
A WEAK COLD FRONT WILL MOVE THROUGH THE REGION LATE WEDNESDAY AND EARLY THURSDAY...BRINGING WITH IT A SLIGHT CHANCE OF SHOWERS AND THUNDERSTORMS. SEVERE WEATHER IS NOT LIKELY. I sure hope that this severe weather season doesn't mimic our hurricane season this year... I am seriously experiencing withdrawals. Seriously.

Now, as for the Gibson Ridge stuff, I of course need something that offers real time data... and it seems like GR is the popular one, so which one? 2, 3, 3D? Are 3 and 3D not the same? I'm so confused. They should teach classes on this stuff... Anyway, since I don't have unlimited fiscal resources, I'll have to do a cost benefit analysis. (Can't help it, it's the accountant in me...) I want to get the best value, but mostly I just want something that'll help keep me safe. I want to know where it is when it's there, not 8 minutes later. I want a clear picture that's easy to read. I'd love to have lightning data to attempt my multibolt shot. I'd like something that I can overlay on a mapping software or has a(n updateable) current roads interface built in, so I can see roads immediately with regard to where it is. Really, I just wish I had a better viewing range. Where can I order that?

I just played around in the stormnow website. I am frustrated because I only know how to set up one email address. I don't have a pager, and I'm not certain what a PCS phone is...versus a regular cell phone, that is.

Got an email from my grandmother (yes, an email from Grandma... how cool is that?) and at the bottom, there is a quotation that struck me. "Joy is seeing the sunrise and knowing who to thank." It struck me because each of the sky shots that I've taken, I've thanked God for allowing me the pleasure of the experience. I cherish those moments.

Once again, blogger's not cooperating with me with regard to adding pics... so no pics for you today. Perhaps another day.


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