The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, May 31, 2007

DAY 7!!! Oh yeah!!!

The heat/flash flood controversy continues... Carolina Mike put a post out there that had me rolling, literally rolling. You've got to check it out! Mike, that was a riot!!! Hey, all I have to say is that it's a good thing that flash flooding isn't the number one killer, we'd have been in big trouble. Right? lol! Alabama Mike was kind enough to offer me a back link in his post about smoke... so time for me to reciprocate... Thanks Mike, and might I say that your post was my first shot at seeing next week's SPC outlook!!! You have just made my day!!! I am about to post all about that. It's about time something shows up for me.

OK, now it doesn't get much better than that, already posting something about day 7!!! Day 7!!! That is the best news I have seen in a while, well that and the models forecasting tropical weather this way. Back to the matter at hand, though, focus Dew. Looks like a chase in the making for the plains, next week, you know, while I am THERE! Happy Dew Dance, Happy Dew Dance... This is so awesome! 3 more days! Oh my! There's no place like the plains, there's no place like the plains. OK, I'm rambling, so let me get on with it... I am just so psyched!!! This is the best news ever. Feel free to click on the image for the discussion.

On to the local stuff, which is actually getting quite interesting, a nice break from the monotonous smoke and ridge posts that I've been limited to... Looks like things are looking up. Yes, we still have smoke. Yes, the guys are still issuing SPSs. Yes, it hit a point today where visibility was reduced to under a 1/4 of a mile from the smoke, but it might just be OK because the forecast calls for rain. Yes, folks, South Georgia is expected some moisure from out of the sky (only 20 and 30% POPS, but...). It's about doggone time... of course, it is expected to coicide with my trip, but whatever it takes. Rain would be awesome!

In the tropics, we've got some weak cyclonic circulation in the NW Caribbean, Southern Gulf... Some deep moisture off the Yucatan coast in the Gulf. Crazy as this is the NAM is now in agreement with the prior GFS regarding that low off the Yucatan coming to play in this area... you know, if they only knew how powerful the Dewvoid was, they'd be all over forecasting that with certainty because it is almost certain that it will be huge if I won't be here (and I won't because I will be chasing in the plains because Day 7 looks good- Happy Dew Dance!). If the NAM is right, it would mean some much needed rain. Unfortunately, the GFS now is more in line with the Euro, as far as putting things a little further south down into the peninsula. Perhaps an extratropical or subtropical event... I don't know though, we could have Barry in the making if the Dewvoid holds true. Here's the final decision though...

Come on guys... work with us... I'm going to the PLAINS in 3 days!!!! Woohoo!!!

Update: And actually, I forgot to mention that the plains are currently in a moderate risk category with a Public Severe Weather Outlook issued. In addition to that, as Jeff so kindly pointed out... the NHC has issued an Atlantic Special Tropical Disturbance Statement... except they are putting it in Southern Florida... grumble. Oh, and there is a TD and a TS in the Eastern Pacific right now, too. So much going on...

Happy Dew Dance,


  1. Once again the prove is in the pudding. Dew is headed west to play on the plains and....Wait!! THIS JUST IN! A tropical distubance is making its way toward us as she is leaving?! Can it be?! Dew leaves, we get action in Georgia?! A possible connection?! Take your time Dew, stay as long as you like!! ;-)

  2. Yeah, yeah... I'll take one for the team... just imagine if we both left the area, how much weather would happen here...

  3. I could see the hurricanes lined up in a holding pattern off the east coast as Dew and Rick look for rotating covection over the Caprock. LOL

  4. Oh, don't you be rubbing it in too now, Jeff... Would make for an interesting science experiment though. I guess we'll see when the team goes chasing in the plains next year. I'll just go ahead and forecast a hurricane during that time. lol

  5. NOOOoooooooo..dont include me in with the Dewvoid....


    5/31/07 3:55pm

  7. Reports now of rain in Albany, rain in Moultrie... where's ours???

    Rick, you're cursed, you know it.

  8. I saw 2, count 'em 2, dops of rain this a.m. on the way to work in N AL.


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