The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season!!! Atlantic Hurricane Season just around the corner.

OK, yes, I admit it, it does appear that I seem to have associated with me a weather curse... The last two times that I left town are the only two times in the past month that it has rained in my area. Apparently, I need to leave more often. Not only that, but I seem to have brought the smoke home with me... the doggone stuff followed here, so now, it's smoky here. Just great! This "Dew Nothing" Syndrome is starting to give me a complex. It's just not right.

I am feeling a little left out with everyone posting lightning shots... sure, I haven't seen lightning in about 6 months, but I have shot lightning shots... they aren't the best, but they were shot by me...

We have another back door front approaching tomorrow, bringing with it another (slight)shot at rain (Kelly's keeping POPS low because of the disagreement between NAM and GFS... can't they all just get along?)... (Perhaps, I should leave and let things happen as they should? lol), and of course another blast of drier air will follow the front, making fire danger that much worse. There is actually some minimal talk of some sea breeze developing this afternoon and helping some with the Bugaboo Fire. I hope that sufficient convection comes with it to make a dent, help the fire crews out a little.

Today kicks off the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season. Our season kicks off June 1st, but already we have had STS/STD Andrea to kick things off in a pre-season tease, and now there are rumblings of another extratropical system wanting to come out and play near the Bahamas... Jeff Masters has blogged about that. Something to keep an eye on. It's not looking like it will become Barry, but I suppose anything is possible this year. A nice TS would be a wonderful thing for Florida and South Georgia, perfect solution to the fires. Next week kicks off, National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The NWS has posted a site for that... which can help you learn everything you've ever wanted to know about hurricanes and were perhaps afraid to ask.

I'd better get going. I missed yesterday, and I need to get on it... You know?

Have a great day!!! A very weatherless,


  1. LOL "Weatherless" Cute! You should get the domain. is available! LOL


  2. Before you know it, you'll be in a eyewall of a cane asking why your ears are poping. :-)

    "Listen to the roar!@"

  3. Way to redeem yourself! I'm ready!

  4. A storm named Barry.....Tim Barry and Barry Manilow come to mind...doesnt sound too dangerous..;-) I could really run with this but for Tim's sake I will not..lolol!!

  5. "" ROFL!

    How about: (as in devoid)


    Well, the SDS Treatment Facility is packed to capacity right now. It's terrible. I'm hoping that some SDS relief is on it's way next week. Your session, Madam Dewdrop, awaits you the first week of June. We are preparing a stormfest fit for a quen...just for you. :-)

  6. Rick, Yeah, let's spare Tim... I did laugh when I saw that. If Tropical Cyclone Barry is anything like Tim's AFD's, it won't be making too much noise. Truly a man of few words.

    Steve, Dewvoid... lol. I guess you can totally relate, eh, Stevoid? I should have a nice selection of weatherless sites when you and Jeff get finished.

    I am counting on major Stormgasm-type action in June, so get working on those models. I want some trending that'll make the most experienced chaser dizzy with glee. Bring it! I am so ready!

  7. Don't mess with Barry Manilow!

  8. Barry is very cool!

  9. Hey..I have his greatest hits CD...But still..A hurricane named Barry? doesnt strike fear in my heart...(humming Copa Cabana)

  10. I think that lightning shot is awesome!!!!!!

  11. I can hear it playing as it washes away the fires... Come on Barry, we need your soothing rains to wash away all this ridiculous smoke.

    Thanks, HB.

  12. I'll do the Copa if it'll rain.

  13. Honey, we'll all do the Copa if it'll rain.


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