The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The sky is His canvas

Can you believe this? I actually got rain yesterday... I am talking about 0.40" of rain fell from the sky over my residence. That is pretty awesome! Anyway, prior to that, I was at Wally World getting a refill on some meds, and when I came out, I saw this beast of a tower, and I was struck by its magnificence. I immediately hurried to the van and grabbed my camera and driving to a better spot, started shooting pics. People behind me were pretty irritated, but I did not care. I had to capture that cloud at that moment! I did not do anything to the colors... that is part of what made it all so fabulous. The blue of the sky was so crisp with the white cumulus structure contrasting and the beaming rays painting the sky all around it...This next pic, I captured when I got back to my house. This was my southern view from the yard. I loved the way the light was being captured in the dissipated cell. If I could tear down a few trees behind my neighbor's house, I would be much happier. I have significant difficulty composing shots in my neighborhood. Forces me to be creative, but it also causes me to miss some stuff.Oh, but before I got home, on the way home, I continued to chase this ginormous cell, the one I saw leaving Wally World, which led me into a cemetery. Boy, I'll tell you, Mini-Dew did not like that at all. She gets sort of creeped out in cemeteries, so she panicked a little (not bad, just asking why I had to stop in there? Why did I have to open my window? Was I really getting out?), but it was quickly finished, and I moved on. It was hard to get the tower from there. I was happy to have an unobstructed view, but it was so close at that point that it was hard to get it all in the shot. In fact, I could not. I headed home.Then, this is yet another picture of the Wally World cloud with the rays of light all around it. It was funny when I took this one because a man and his kids were crossing on the cross-walk, and since I had to yield, I decided to take a picture of it. The man saw me taking a picture and looked behind him to see what I could possibly be taking a picture of... I don't think he was nearly as impressed as I was. Poor guy... he needs inspiration.... and for this final pic, we have some faint yet very much present mammatus clouds... hooray, my favorite! I wish the sunlight had been hitting them better and that they were slightly more pronounced but it was nice to see them over my house regardless. Maybe one day, I'll actually get to shoot lightning... lol.

A quick look at the HWO reveals that scattered storms are expeted mostly to my west today as an upper level disturbance moves across that area. The talk is of potentially strong storms with small hail and gusty winds, but no severe weather outbreak. Showers and thunderstorms, great CAPE, but everything to the west of me, and I can't go off chasing there because I have tickets to see "Harry Potter" this evening. It would be great to have a chase-tunity afterward. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and as I've been instructed, I will keep an eye on the weather, as usual.

Have a lovely day,


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