The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is it?

I am going to start with these pics today because I don't really understand them, and I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some "light" on them. lol. OK, so I went outside yesterday morning to watch Mini-Dew at the bus stop, and she pointed out (my special little cloud stalker) the blue streaks across the sky streaming from where the sun had not yet risen in the east northeastern sky, all the way across the sky to the western side. They were thick and bold. It looked like the sky had headbands on. Of course, I did the only logical thing... I grabbed my camera. This picture is the only one that really showed how it looked, and it is in the western sky. As if that wasn't bizarre enough, coming home from practice yesterday evening during the sunset, I noticed more blue streaks coming away from the sunset, so of course... there was only one thing I could do, right? Anyone with some insight as to what caused this illusion, please share. I am used to the brilliant golden rays, but this blue ray thing. Weird.

Anyways... Looking to the tropics, Tropical Depression Gabrielle is still hangin on barely as she wisps away into the cold North Atlantic waters. That area in the Gulf mentioned yesterday is looking much less organized. All eyes are focused on Invest 91L. An interesting little cluster of storms that is about to move into a quite favorable area for development. I am thinking Humberto. Lots of disorganized shower activity now, but if it can pull it all together, we should see a significant storm. Models are currently showing this one on a possible track much further north than Dean. Could actually present Florida with some action. I know that'll get Jeff's juices flowing. I will continue to monitor that area.

As for local weather, yesterday, we had one brief shower with no lightning, so that was a bummer, and nothing registered on my handy dandy rain gauge. Today, the chances are much better that we will see something, and today is the perfect day, except it's rodent cage cleaning day. If it storms, those rodent cages will be dropping down on the list. Last time, I had to give the crazy guinea pig a bath, and the nutty little rodent kept leaping from the sink with his spring-loaded little paws right into my arms... a soaking wet ball of fur... sigh. Oh, back to the weather, the guys are saying that it's good chances of showers and thunderstorms through the weekend, when a cold front is expected to roll in bringing with it drier and cooler air. That should get Alabama and Tennessee Mikes going... them and their snow (yes, I said the "s" word) obsession.


I almost forgot to post about 9/11. I was talking to Mini-Dew about it yesterday. How do you explain 9/11 to a 9 year old? It was interesting talking with Mini-Dew about that day. I asked, "Have you talked about 9/11 in class at all?" She replied, "What's 9/11?" Given her age, I have not felt comfortable discussing 9/11 with her, but I feel where she is approaching the age where they might be discussing history, and some details would be important. I described the events of September 11, 2001, as an attack by terrorists on our country and our people. She didn't know what terrorists were, so I explained that they are people who do bad things to a group of people or, in our case, a country to cause them to live in fear. I told her about how these terrorists used planes to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. She said, they were REALLY BAD PEOPLE! Indeed. She asked how they were able to get in to fly the planes, and I explained how they took things with them onto the planes to use as weapons which is why now there is so much security. She understood. That's when she piped in with, "That's sort of like how those people crashed planes into the Twin Towers." I explained that that was 9/11. Apparently, one of her classmates was originally scheduled to be on one of the flights on that day, but something kept her from it. My little Mini-Dew already knew. Such a tragedy to have to teach our children. Thoughts and prayers with the families and friends of the victims of that tragic day. God bless.
"Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may be you." ~Aerosmith
Have a great day!


  1. They are created by clouds blocking the sun, but they are below the horizon and out of sight.

  2. Well, that didn't take long. Thanks, Rick!

  3. Thanks for the lead, Mike. Looks like they are actually Anticrepuscular rays. I have seen Crepuscular rays many times in the past, as Mini-Dew believes them to be people's souls lifting into Heaven. These were new to me though.

  4. Actually, further research shows that I saw both in the same day. Sunrise was the anticrepuscular and sunset showed me some crepuscular... very cool.

  5. Cause I am cool like that!

  6. Great post Dew, and I'm glad you mentioned 9/11 and Mini-Dew's response. It's sad that we even have to talk about these things with our children, but I guess that is just the nature of the world we live in.

    Storms rolled through North Alabama this morning and it looks like cooler wx will be settling in. I am really looking forward to Saturday. It will be great f#*b%^ll weather. Sorry, I had to mention that. The only thing better might be s*#w!

  7. Thanks, Mike. Actually, your post on our reminded me that I had meant to mention that. It is unfortunate to have those tales, but I guess each generation has a tale that they wish they didn't have to tell their children.

    Congrats on the weather. We just had a downpour here... no lightning... there you go talking about junk again... and reiterating the "s" word. Sheesh.

  8. I'll try to act better on your blog in the future. Sometimes I can't help myself!

  9. I'll whip you into line.

  10. Now let's not get too harsh, ok?

  11. I'll whip you into line... cha cha cha??? lol. You know I'm just playing, Mike. It's not that awful that you like f@#%!&*#l and s@!w... I suppose.

  12. Oh, yes...cha cha cha... besides a little f@#%!&*#l and s@!w never hurt anybody!

  13. I think you are wrong about that. Many injuries result from junk, and many, many s@!w related car accidents and avalanches have injured and/or killed people, right?

  14. Hey! Beautiful pictures and a great post all over!!

  15. Thanks, Nicole!!! Read about the stuff in your neck of the woods... scary.


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