The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Big Story of the Day is still Tropical Storm Noel (pronounced Nole)

Well, Tropical Storm Noel has now moved away from Cuba, allowing it a fair shot at some intensification. He has increased to 60mph, and he is expected to climb up to about 70mph, before shear begins to weaken him. All the models, though, suggest reintensification as an extratropical system. There has been interesting convective activity associated with TS Noel. In fact, a new center formed closer to a burst of convection that occurred overnight, and it looks like another burst is in the making. This storm wants to become something. Again, I say... interesting. I am watching this one... Currently, hurricane watches have been issued; however, "they" aren't thinking this thing will become a hurricane. Jeff, as usual, has included some excellent coverage of TS Noel on his blog, with some excellent first-hand footage of the impact of the storm on Florida's southeastern coast. Locally, we're looking clear with nice daytime temps and downright cold nights for as far as the "reliable" forecast can see,

so Noel truly is the only story out there. Like I said, though, night time temps are dropping... looking at 40's as lows for the next several days... great googaly moogaly. THAT IS COLD!

I have some pics to share... yesterday, before the trick or treating festivities began, I took this pic of the sky. Mini-Dew was irritated with me for taking so many pics, but she knows that resistence is futile. I thought the scene was quite photogenic, but, then again, I don't know that I have seen something that hasn't been photgraphable. You know me... This morning, I was feeling the photography bug rather strongly as I was leaving my driveway. I noticed that the sky was offering a nice salmon color, as part of the sunrise. Of course, I had to stop and shoot that. I think that my neighbors have begun to accept the fact that there are just days when I will stop in the middle of the road in the neighborhood to fire off a few shots. It's nice when I am able to compose the shot I am after without street lights or rooftops. (Man, the photo upload on blogger is giving me a fit this morning. grumble.) Finally, every morning, I pass this rustic image and think... 'You know... I really should stop and shoot that under different lighting situations.' This morning, despite medium traffic zooming by me, I decided to stop and capture a baseline shot. Unfortunately, traffic was such that I couldn't compose it with the sunrise the way that I really wanted to... but those are the breaks, right?

I talked to Meso Magnet Mike last night, while he was driving down to Georgia. I offered an alternate route to his destination and then had to get off the phone before he arrived at his destination. Hopefully, he made is safely...

That's all I have for now. Happy Thursday!!!


  1. What a frustrating tropical storm! The indirect damage from Noel is pretty severe in some locations in Palm Beach County, FL. Extreme beach erosion and structures ready to fall into the ocean. Posted some video.

    The death toll from flooding in Haiti and Cuba continues to rise. It doesn’t have to be a hurricane to kill.

    Nice sunset Halloween pic!

  2. LOL, you posted this comment at about the same time I checked your blog, watched the great video and decided to add a link to my post to your blog.

    So true, such devastation.


  3. Our frustrating tropical storm is now playing like a big boy. Hurricane Noel tracking up the east coast now. Cape Cod could get real interesting soon.

  4. I know... once again, so much changes while I am sleeping!!!

  5. I had to chuckle at the thought of you just stopping in the street snapping photos. :) I can tend to be a bit self-conscious that way. I am getting better though.

    Hope you are well! I am trying to step up my visits to blogging pals after some time away.

  6. Oh girl, I am so bad about shooting whereever and whenever... inspiration happens when it happens, you know? I am well. Hope things are good for you!


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