The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Friday, November 02, 2007

Our 5th Hurricane of the 2007 Season... Hurricane Noel!

Again, crazy things happen while I am sleeping. Last night, Tropical Storm Noel was upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane Noel, packing 80mph winds. So much for him not becoming a hurricane, huh? This thing has become quite the monster.

Moving over much cooler SSTs, Hurricane Noel is expected to make a transition today to an extratropical system; however, he should maintain hurricane force strength through that transition. Currently, he is on course for Nova Scotia, and he should dissipate after that. Noel has caused much death and destruction... even as just a tropical storm. The New England coast should keep a watchful eye on this system. Anything could happen. What a crazy "ending?" to a most bizarre season! Really, hurricane season in the Atlantic goes through the end of November. We see very clearly, especially now, that it's not a good idea to let your guard down.

Looking at local weather... still no change. With the dry conditions we are facing, we are now under a fire weather watch; however, the county to my south has a red flag warning, so it's that time again. Temps have a huge 30 degree span for the next week between the highs and lows. Mid-high 70's in the daytime... dropping down to a bone-chilling 40 something at night, but sunny and clear. Great star gazing weather, and last night, I actually saw an amazing shooting star, that soared across the sky last night almost in slow motion. I could lay outside all night and just watch the sky on nights like we've got coming up.

Exciting news! We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend... Yes, folks, daylight savings will come to an end, and that means that we gain an hour. I am ready! Don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night before you drift off to la-la land.

I was to be able to use my knowledge of weather to help Mini-Dew prepare for her science test today. She is being tested on the water cycle. It broke my heart when she got answers wrong because it's a topic so near and dear to my heart, but she seemed to get it by the end. We even got to talk about Dew!!!

Aside from all that, I just noticed that my chaser friend, Mike Hollingshead, has his new "Instability Released" DVD available for purchase. The intro is spectacular and in fact, hooked me. I am such a sucker for time lapse work and the music is perfect. Check it out!! Mike does phenomenal work! I can't wait until my copy arrives. I also look forward to the printing of the book that he and Eric Nguyen contributed to... Adventures in Tornado Alley.

Happy Friday!!! Finally... Friday!


  1. This storm has surprised me a bit, I must admit. I was reading a very interesting first-hand account of the problems it unleashed on the people of Haiti. No one is in an uproar to help these poor people like they were for New Orleans. I'll get off my soapbox now!

    TGIF Dew! (For those of you in Auburn, that is "Toes Go In First!)

  2. So sad, Mike. It's hard to imagine a Tropical Storm costing such a tragic loss of life.

    HUH?! Toes go in first???

  3. TGIF means "Thank God It's Friday" to most of us....but for Auburn people who need help putting on their shoes in the a.m., TGIF means "Toes Go In First"...

  4. Nice pics, as usual. Let's hope for no hurricanes in Clearwater next hospital is about two blocks from the beach.

  5. Mike H really does a good job on his DVD releases. I have several of them. You can really tell when someone puts a lot of passion into the editing. Mike is a true pure weather jumkie like most of us.

    Mikes DVD's are always worth the buy.

  6. I knew that fall was here when I saw Orion in the sky. So beautiful!

  7. Hey chickadee sorry its been so long but what i thought was the flu turned out to be my kidneys and i have been going through some horrific pain passing stones. I haven't been doing much with the pain meds they have me on. I am missing u and read your blog every chance i get. send me out a prayer that soon i can get back to normal. Jess

  8. Mike, I can tell you are a die-hard Auburn fan!!! jk Roll tide!

    Annie, You should be OK. Here's hoping anyway. Maybe I should come down to ward it off with my Dewvoid talents... you know I would if I could. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Scott better offer updates!!

    Jeff, well, I know his intro was spectacular, so I can't wait to see the DVD. You know how I love those time lapse jobs... I can tell Mike's passion. He told me that he has already done two revisions since announcing the release... lol true junkie. I can't wait until it arrives.

    Teresa et al, I stopped on the highway coming back from Moultrie this weekend... It was so dark, I could see so many more stars than even from my house. It was INCREDIBLE! Orion is my absolute favorite, too!

    Jess, Oh no, ouch!!! You poor dear. I hope it's not too terribly awful for you. That is the last thing you need... at least, this too shall pass... gosh, that was cheesy. You're in my prayers... GET BETTER!


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