The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's me... remember me?

Well, here I am. I bet you thought I vanished off the face of the Earth. Nope, just busy, busy. You know how life can be. As it is, my extra hour hardly helped at all. I caught myself falling asleep with Mini-Dew tonight watching "The Amazing Race", which I genuinely had no plans of watching, but somehow, it ended up on my TV anyhow.

All right, brace yourself Alabama Mike, I am about to talk some junk... lol... Exciting match up tonight... Patriots took down the Colts, and I was able to watch it happen. Great game! I love close games. It came down to the tail end of that last quarter. If Tom Brady doesn't quit throwing intercepts though... sheesh. Say hello to your Super Bowl champs, GO PATS!

Meso (Magnet) Mike sent me a link to an article about the flooding in Mexico, almost 1,000,000 people diplaced. Mike likes to find anything that regards flooding to rub in my face, but the guy certainly needs a better sleep scehdule.

Bill sent me a link to the trailer for the Twister Sisters show. Thanks for that, Bill! Quicktime is giving me a fit right now, so I haven't seen it, but I thought I would share.

Weather here has been beautimus... stormless, but beautimus, nonetheless. Great outdoor weather. I actually opened my windows today, which I hardly ever do. It was just so nice. Looks like sunny and clear in the foreseeable future. Temps dipping mid-week to a low of 38?! Great googaly moogaly!!! Fire weather watch though. I noticed a very low humidity on my weather station today, and it doesn't look like any moisture in the near future... I have no idea what happened with Noel, since I was on weather strike again this weekend. I guess I'll have to hit Jeff's blog to get an update... and I think I'll let you do that, too. Ah, looky, looky, as Jeff pointed out, we have Invest 91L in the Caribbean. I am thoroughly unimpressed... No worries Annie.

Sorry about the lack of pics in this post. I am just too darn sleepy. Perhaps, tomorrow, I will feel more motivated.

Good night.


  1. I was pulling for the Colts yesterday. I am not sure how they blew their lead!

    Yeah, not a good situation in Mexico...

  2. Raw talent. The Patriots are "the bomb"! The Colts didn't blow their lead, the Patriots ripped it away from them.

  3. FYI, I went public with my blog...

  4. My child is finally growing out of the stubborn stage...don't tell me it comes back later!!!!!!!!!

  5. Welcome to the all out blog world. Awesome. That means you need a link. Coolness. As for the stubborn stage... I think it's a personality trait. Mini-Dew won't ever outgrow it.

  6. Don't tell me you are back to using the "J" word again. You know better than to talk like that! Old habits die hard, don't they! ; )

    I have a hard time seeing anyone keeping up with the Patriots...

    Boston has a chance for the triple crown (MLB, NFL, and NBA son David informed me of this as I don't follow the NFL and NBA that closely)

  7. I just used it once. I actually watched the game if you can believe that. What's wrong with the Pats? Boston triple crown... sounds like a plan to me.


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