The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay makes Landfall... again.

Well, Tropical Storm Fay made landfall near Marco, FL at Cape Romano, as an intensifying tropical storm. Intensifying storms take a little bit more to slow down. Fay demonstrated a marked drop in pressure without any wind speed increase as it continued to move inland. This morning's landfall is not too far south of Punta Gorda, where Rick camped out for the night... After talking with the guys at the NWS Tally and the Weather Brigade's "hurricane expert" (our own little Steve Lyons), Rick has decided to play some with this rain dropper as warm moisture from the Everglades seems to be fueling this tropical event. Tornado warnings have been plastering the east coast with some reports of tornadoes being spotted in that rain wrapped tropical environment... As those bands feed in, Tropical Storm Fay gradually makes her way across Florida... the big question being... what next? Well, let me just break out my crystal ball... Here is what the guys at the NHC are saying... Several of the models have been showing Fay emerging a little further into the Atlantic and then cutting back across Florida for a third Floridian landfall... re-emerging in the Gulf of Mexico and making a 4th Floridian landfall in the panhandle!! I am just amazed by that and hope to be able to catch landfall number 3 if it does something impressive. Wouldn't that be fun? As opposed to the not so fun experience of the moronic kite surfer, Kevin Kearney, now in critical condition, had when his kite was caught in a tropical storm force wind gust that wisped him away and slammed him into a building. I have linked that story (Thanks, Mikey for sharing that with me) here (click this link). Let's learn from this guy's critical mistake... a tropical storm is not a safe environment for kite surfer. The guy is lucky he survived.

I will keep you posted... Rick just called with an update, now headed east from Ft. Myers toward LaBelle for a hopeful intercept with the center of circulation, which has almost got the radar presentation of a hurricane with a solid rainfree eye... weird. Apparently, the Everglades are really feeding her. She was definitely rearing to go when she ran into Florida.

I will update as I know info.

2:45PM: Just got back to see the update. Tropical Storm Fay ACTUALLY INCREASED in intensity and wind speed over the peninsula of Florida... not too much under hurricane force. Over land?! What is wrong with this picture?!

100 PM EDT TUE AUG 19 2008

Christine is without power. Rick had a wonderful intercept at the center with no wind or rain. Jeff has said... "Hurricane winds now being encoutered here on northwestern Lake Okeechobee. What a insane storm!" She really is turning out to be quite the storm.Now, where is she headed? GOOD QUESTION???? Big prize to the person who figures that out. Even the NHC is stumped. Check out their 5 day cone. This thing can go anywhere!!! Thanks, Alabama Mike for pointing out this... ehem... "forecast".I have no idea what this chick is doing?

Fay confusion... thanks Christine for sharing. You can see here why... just why.



  1. Wow. That kite surfer ordeal is crazy! I have a friend who lives in Savannah, GA and if he has the opprotunity to document the storm I will be sure to let you all know where to find his photos/vids and what not.

    I hope your buddy Rick actually gets to see the eye if one remains or exists when he arrives!!!

  2. Can you believe that? I am wanting to get over there... but the forecast is Thursday... ugh. I would love to see what your friend gets, if he gets anything...

    Rick did get the "eye". It was great from what I understand.

  3. So,what do you think? Is it coming into our neck of the woods (swamps)? Looks like a 50/50 chance. It would be exciting to have a storm, no injuries please!

  4. They are labeling this the joker.
    Everybody around here is actualy disappointed we didn't see any action. they closed the schools down people took the day off from work and we only received a tenth of an inch of rain. The joke would be if it did loop around and came back our way to give the people a taste of what they think they wanted. My friend said she was disappointed we didn't get anything.
    I myself, yes i am a little disappointed my self, but i am glad we are safe and sound.....for now.
    On the other hand you might see some action.. Keeping my on this when i can, i hate not having a permanent signal. TTYS..Jess

  5. The ladies are saying Fay should have had a male name b/c he/she/it is like a male driver who refuses to ask for directions and drives around in circles. Some men are saying that she changes her mind so much that she is obviously female.

    I'm not saying anything.

  6. Teresa, well, I think it's a 50/50 chance...

    Jess, I know you must be beside yourself, not seeing it all. Glad you escaped the potential damage. Sorry for the "missing out" feeling.

    Mike, Wise man...

  7. :D Hey chica - it has been a couple of crazy days to say the least! And you showed Fay's wild hair blowing in the wind. Yeah!

    We actually just had another band go over us earlier as I watch one coming your way.

    Awww Mike - no guts, no glory. ;)

  8. Any idea if a tropical cyclone has ever made 4 landfalls in the same state before?

  9. Mike, doing great imo.

    Christine, You're not kidding... she just won't quit! Don't instigate him. He's one of the good guys.

    Anonymous... I will have to ask that question to everyone else. I know that in 1964, there was one that made 3 landfalls in the same state, but I don't know about 4.


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