The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Quest Continues...

Well, Subtropical Storm Laura is persisting in making her way into the north Atlantic Ocean. She was trying all day yesterday to go tropical, but it is doubtful that she will become tropical in the cold environment she has now entered. Looks like she will only amount to a sub-storm, and most likely, she will soon be forgotten as the nothing storm. With much of the country still struggling to overcome all sorts of storms (not just those occurring in nature), Laura, the subtropical fish, offers us a collective sigh of relief.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing a sun dog as I was leaving the office. It was a brilliant one initially but quickly faded into nothingness as the sun dipped lower into the horizon, and I watched as it slowly drifted away.The coolest part, in my opinion, was that you could almost make out the faint halo in the area just below the sun dog. Sun dogs are amazingly beautiful, and I am always amazed to see them, but I was really amazed when I saw my first (and only... so far) complete solar halo, which wasn't yesterday. It was AMAZING.

Speaking of amazing natural occurrences, my wonderful gtb, my fabulous bf (that's the same person, in case you were confused) and I are planning a trip this weekend to visit 8, well, 9 waterfalls in north Georgia for consideration as the perfect spot for our nuptials. As I posted, back in August... we were looking for ideas for our ideal wedding spot. We have gotten loads of incredible suggestions from so many of our dear friends and family members. This weekend, we will visit 9 of the many spots that we found through those suggestions and our own research. We will visit waterfalls in north Georgia, north Alabama and southwest North Carolina until we find THE PERFECT SPOT. I am certain that we'll know it instantly when we see it, and we are holding out for "the feeling". In the meantime, it has been wonderful sharing thoughts and ideas with my wonderful gtb about the trip, plotting our route and narrowing down the search. At this point, all we know for certain is that we want a beautiful waterfall, and we want it to be one that we can get close to... We are looking at the following:

  • Amicalola Falls - Thanks, JJ!
  • The Falls on Ward Creek near Justus Gap... unless someone can tell me how to get there...
  • Minnehaha Falls - Thanks, gtb's "sister"!
  • Duke's Creek
  • Blue Hole/High Shoals Falls
  • Gurley Falls
  • Helton Creek Falls - Thanks, my dear Winder friend!
  • DeSoto Falls (Georgia) - Thanks, Meso Mike!
Looks like a full trip, huh? 8 (well, technically 9) waterfalls in two days. I'll keep you posted, and... of course, I should be able to offer a full photographic study. It should be an exciting and action packed weekend! Stay tuned!

Have an incredibly wonderful day!

P.S. 11AM Update... looks like I spoke too soon...
1100 AM AST TUE SEP 30 2008



  1. Wasnt expecting laura to become tropical! Imagine that!I wonder if the fish will

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend in the woods! Can't wait to view the full photographic study! Enjoy... as, in my opinion, there is no better time then Autumn to be walking in the middle of the woods searching for waterfalls! whOOp!

  3. LOL, Jess. I wasn't expecting it either.

    OSNW3, A much deserved photo retreat with an awesome purpose... doesn't get much better than that, does it?

  4. I couldn't help but notice Minnehaha Falls on your list of waterfalls to visit this weekend. What is interesting about it, is that there is a Minnehaha Falls right in the heart of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. I visited the Falls with my wife while we were honeymooning in Minneapolis during the first, very frozen week of January back in 2006. The falls in MN are an amazingly breathtaking and awesome sight to behold, especially when completely frozen over. If I can remember, I will try to dig up some photos of them to share with you. I would definitely be interested in seeing photos of the Minnehaha Falls in GA!

  5. What about Niagra Falls??? ;)

    Best to you both as you find your "spot". :)

  6. Ken, If we make it to Minnehaha, I will definitely post pics for you. I knew about the other because whenever I type in Minnehaha for research sake, it takes me first to the one in Minnesota. I don't think we'll go there, but the Georgia one most definitely. How cool is that?!

    Beth, It has to be a state touching Georgia... not to say we won't renew our vows there, but... you know. I am confident that we will... SO EXCITED!


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