The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
-Psalm 19:1

Do you know that God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash?
-Job 37:15

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mini Chasetunity...

OK, so I did get a mini-chasetunity yesterday, when one little cell fired and created an incredible view on my journey to pick up Mini-Dew and take her to practice. The thunder arrived while I was at an appointment (of course...), but the photogenic sky was all mine... much to Mini-Dew's dismay. It started out with me noticing almost a sedimentary effect in the clouds. Several layers with different textures and colors. I was in awe... put that against the seasonal colors of the foliage, and I was captivated. Again, Mini-Dew was not thrilled. It went something like this... Me: "I'm just going to stop here for a minute and take some shots of this." Mini-Dew: "Awww... Mom. Do we have to stop? Let's just go to practice." Me: "No way, and miss this great photograhic opportunity? Don't worry. We have time." Mini-Dew: sigh. So, we stop and I capture the sedimentary cloud pic, which in retrospect wasn't nearly as impressive as some of the other stuff I shot yesterday. So, I take a few shots, and then we are on our way again... when all of the sudden, I catch this beautiful view out of the corner of my eye...

... of this nearly dried-up pond that I usually see cows chilling in... but this time, behind it is this phenomemal post-thunderstorm sky. Really awesome stuff. So, I stopped, and again, the battle of the Dews ensued. This time Me: "I'm going to grab a few shots of this." Mini-Dew: "Argh!" When I had finished that, I drove a little further down the road, and looking out to the Northeast, I saw this interesting light, showing itself behind a house, beneath the lingering storm clouds. This time Mini-Dew just rolled her eyes, but when she saw what I was looking at, she became quite interested. It was cool... anyone know what caused it to happen? I can only guess that it's the reflection of the sun on a rain shaft. Very cool, whatever it is. Oh, and I have suspicions that the person out front on the phone is offering authorities a full description of my vehicle, since I was probably quite suspicious looking, taking pics of his house... lolWeather should be settled for now. Cold front has moved in, so temps are in the chilly category right now, approaching dewdropcicle, but not that bad... It was so incredibly nice to hear thunder yesterday, even if I couldn't chase it.

I have a late addition funny, I just had to share... I have some blog stats that tell me search keywords people use to find my blog... someone found my blog through by typing in "Yard Ornaments In South Georgia"... seriously. lmao! P.S. Just for frame of reference, this is why... Adventures in Yard Maintenance...



  1. Awesome pics! Did the cops search you down? You're so funny!

  2. Thanks, Annie! I am sure they had half of Homeland Security's SWAT team out on my tail, but in all my storm chasing swiftness, I was able to lose them... lol

  3. Stunning!! The clouds are amazing and the pink light! wow! I would have stopped too. Great shots!

  4. "Attention!! You in the house!! Let the yard gnomes go and nobody gets hurt!!" So you liked my "Moo Dew" shot? ;-)

  5. Great photos Dew...I don't know what that sky feature is called but it is beautiful. Mini-Dew is being pretty boys sure can relate....

  6. Cool picture

  7. Thanks, Jess! It was pretty amazing. I love to be awestruck.

    Rick... Moo Dew? Good golly.

    Mike, Thanks!!! I'll break Mini-Dew down eventually. She is pretty tolerant. I think she just likes to complain because she really does seem to enjoy it.

    Mr. X, Thanks!

  8. My boys are funny about the weather...they love it sometimes and sometimes they are annoyed by my fascination. They were glad this year that we were not able to make it to the Storm Alert Extreme in Birmingham (all day spotter training) even though it would have gotten us free admission to the 2008 car show 9and they love cars)...Go figure...

  9. Mini-Dew has that same love/hate relationship with weather. I think it's just hard to match our passion and enthusiasm... you know?

  10. That must be it....I guess that will be ok...cha cha cha

  11. We'll break them down. They will learn to love it... cha cha cha.


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